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Kali.net (once one of the world's largest Internet gaming networks) is created. Makes money. BeTech buys Kali to impress investors. BeTech stops paying for upkeep. ISPs get peeved. No more Kali. Or is there? Is this a funeral or a phoenix? And is there anything else on the 'Net about this? I'm coming up with bupkus.
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Kali was necessary in the days of IPX only games. When QuakeWorld established the concept of a game server, Blizzard put up Battle.net and MS took up the slack with the Zone, Kali was somewhat marginalized.

I still used it for finding game servers for my TFC/CS addiction but it is becoming less useful since some of the connection was lost, my server lists don't update properly anymore.
posted by mutagen at 12:35 AM on December 10, 2001

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