Deodorant is meant to be used directly on the body.
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Deodorant is meant to be used directly on the body. Handbook for operating undercover in the West.
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So does this make them smart or not?
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Wait a sec... We were bombing afghanistan in 1998????

Several local residents who accompanied two American reporters to the al Qaeda house where the notes were found identified the man who lived there as Julaibeeb, an Arab bodyguard for bin Laden who they said received a leg injury in 1998 when the United States bombed a bin Laden training camp in the Afghan city of Khost. Their claims could not be confirmed, and there was nothing in the notes to indicate who took them, who provided the information or when they were made.
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Wait a sec... We were bombing afghanistan in 1998????

Yah, Clinton lobbed a couple cruise missles in there trying to hit Bin Laden, we missed, was a blip on the news (go figure).
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That was the same bombing campaign in which we supposedly hit the aspirin factory in Sudan, correct?
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aspirin factory in Sudan

More like the factory that produces most of their drugs including the all important drug that treats malaria. Yeah, it was that same night.
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Yes, we were bombing targets in Afghanistan in 1998 -- because in 1998, Osama bin Laden was bombing us, a politically inconvenient, and thus rarely-mentioned, fact. Several of his training camps were extensively damaged. The same day, we definitely hit a Sudanese factory that manufactured pharmaceuticals, but to this day there are disputes whether it was also being used to manufacture nerve gas; at best the combined dissenting views of Chomsky leftists and Limbaugh rightists (both of whom hated anything Clinton did) can be said to have cast doubt on the evidence, but the CIA chief retained by President Bush has defended the evidence they relied on.

By the way, since that one was bombed, they've opened new factories, and the spread of disease in the Sudan began with the long-running war and the famine which preceded the attack.
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I wish I'd had one of these guides before I started dating.
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