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What happens when the executive director of your lobbyist organization is hosting the national conference with a technical theater degree burning a hole in his pocket? A bewildering and Christopher Guestian piece of musical theater called "I'm In Payroll."
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Also, if someone could edit in a [slyt] there, I would appreciate it.
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no words.....without ..... words.... I am...
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I watched the first 30 seconds, and then skipped ahead a few times, and then I was done. Eeeeeeeeeee.
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There's some serious David Brent going on there...
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"At measure 80 change the color on the cyc lights to purple, swing up the kickers and hit the footlights. And can we get another 10 pounds of tension on my face? My face is not tight enough, my chin implant is moving all over the place. Okay people, from the top!"
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Oh my....
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Recruit, Train and Motivate: the History of the Industrial Musical

(By Jonathan Ward, now curator of Excavated Shellac and the Grammy-nominated compilation Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM.)
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I'm in grunt labor. (SLYT.)
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I am so confused. So. Confused.
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Wow, that was really...something.

No matter how weird and uncomfortable my next mandatory work-related event is, I doubt it could top that. For this I suppose I am grateful.
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I never thought I'd see something that makes read-the-slide-verbatim PowerPoint presentations look decent, but...yeah.
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I'm trying to figure out if the folks in the background volunteered, or were volunteered.
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..........this is a joke right?

This didn't actually happen? Right?

guys guys help I feel so very cold.
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So is this a good place to talk about the time my department boss rewrote the 12 Days of Christmas with ass kissing lyrics about the CEO and had the entire department sing it to him during the monthly meeting?
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The backup dancers are giving him such sideeye.
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This is going to work with me to HR tomorrow...while I do payroll.
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aw I keep watching this and grinning. I like it a lot. Hahaha.
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Could have used a rap interlude.
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I love that extra two second pause before the (to my ear, scattered and confused) applause and cheers start.
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I actually kind of assumed that the applause was canned in case the audience of grandparents in Grapevine, TX somehow was confused or didn't enjoy it.
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Tch. Get some more air under the veils, there, people. Even when you're just carrying them on, you're still on stage.

Jeez, how do you even GET a CPA license without learning that?
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