April 11, 2000 4:14 PM   Subscribe wants to deliver high-grade marijauna using a fleet of trucks across Europe-- kind of like except...better
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But... those buttons... so, very, awful.

I got a little curious last week, and asked a couple people: Why are drugs (specifically weed, MDMA, and LSD) illegal? No one could give me an answer. Just seems kind of arbitrary that these things are banned, but alcohol and nicotine are A-OK with everyone.
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except....drug trafficking in Europe is still illegal.
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Marijuana is illegal in the US coz of two reasons, mainly: the lumber industry and racism. The lumber industry was pressuring the gov. to outlaw it for competitive reasons. In the south, there was an effort to associate marijuana use w/ blacks and mexicans, and headlines from the time said stuff like: MEXICAN "MARIJUANA" IS KILLING OUR YOUTH!
The english called it hemp, but the spanish word, marijuana, was pushed to associate it w/ mexicans.
And did anyone read that report the gov. did a while ago? They basically said "We lied about all that stuff we told you before. It doesn't cause brain damage. It doesn't mess w/ yr. DNA and deform your children."
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This site didn't by any chance appear on 4/1, did it?
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is it me, or is the promise of Dutch-style smoking coffee shops in London, Tokyo, and New York by 2001 a little, ahem, ahead of it's time? 4/1 indeed.
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You're probably right. See the second picture from the left here: poop.
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