"Oh, no, we can't get that. Doesn't have a jingle."
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Pining for Audrey Hepburn's unfulfilled destiny as a flight attendant? Ever wanted to hear Judy Garland sing the Cream of Wheat jingle, or appear on Hollywood Hoarder, or go to the Piggly Wiggly with her daughter? The Punchy Players are here to answer your prayers! Meet co-creators Chris and Jeff, who have been goofily re-imagining Old Hollywood icons since 2009.
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I was confused by the flight attendant link, as it sounded to me like the somewhat affected accent you'll to hear on a flight in India.

Then I listed to Hepburn actually speaking, and wow okay I get it. What sort of accent is that, anyway?
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She was born in Brussels; her father was English and her mother was Dutch, and she attended schools in both Great Britain and Holland. So it may be a blended accent.
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Those are some good impressions.

Also, are we sure the Britney Spears isn't Liza Minelli's daughter? Or cryogenically frozen twin?
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oh man, one of the highlights of Youtube. i'm a subscriber to their channel. total fan.

i think i'm just old enough to get some of the jokes (i'm 45). i forward the really funny ones to a friend of 'a certain age' who really pees his pants over these. do straight people think these are funny?
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This is slightly from the original artists, but I must drop in Sedaris singing a famous jingle as Judy Holiday, because it belongs here.
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"Slightly adrift," I mean. Why does the editor drop words? Agh.
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"OX-igin mooooahhsks." Hahahaha
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Omg the cream of wheat song I'm dying
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do straight people think these are funny?

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(at least those of us with a certain age and a certain fondness for camp and Cream of Wheat)
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"These powdered donuts expired in... 1972?"

"Ah can't toss those! Ya never know when Dahris Day's gonna come by, and she lahves a good powdered donut."
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These are great. There's too damn much Judy Garland all over the place.
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