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For several years now, Tom Scott, a young man in Britain, has mostly done silly, entertaining things on YouTube, things like, "Two Drums and a Cymbal Fall off a Cliff," "The Matt Gray High Five Face Off," "Robocoaster Challenge: Reciting Shakespeare while attached to a giant robot arm," "Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself," and "Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers" (previously). But recently, he's done a series of videos that are interesting more than they're silly: eight videos which introduce linguistic concepts like phonotactics, clusivity & evidentiality, and the contrast between descriptivism and prescriptivism (he's decidedly the former, fyi).
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Oh, and don't worry, he can still do silly things, too, like 21 Questions Wrong.
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That "Welcome to Life" video hugely reminded my of the really excellent book Everyone In Silico by Jim Munroe
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I spat crisps at the computer while thinking about my 'R's.
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This is the same guy who has built several silly web projects, like the Mystical Magical Ley Line Locator and a page listing particularly creepy Facebook Graph searches.
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More Tom Scott info at his website and on Wikipedia.
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On that Facebook Graph searches page he describes metafilter as "his old flame". There aren't any metafilter userid's for tomscott or tom scott. Maybe he just lurked and stole jokes.
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bukvich: "and stole jokes."

What jokes do you think he stole? That seems a bit bizarre to suggest.
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Tom's a great laugh, when I had an idea for spoof SXSW app, he coded "Is Robert Scoble In This Room", which picked up some nice buzz a few years back. It still (just about) works...
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These videos are great and I urge everyone to watch them.

I hope this doesn't seem controversial, bukvich, but there is just the tiniest possibility that Tom Scott chose a Mefi username that contains neither 'Tom' nor 'Scott'. One or two others of us here have done the same kind of thing.

I hope it doesn't disappoint you to learn that my real name is not in fact Mot Ty. I am however gladder than you can imagine to realise that your real name is highly likely to be Buk Vich.

That's a great name.
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He also knows what you were doing five minutes ago.
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These are great. More people like this one please!
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