Don't put cheese on your clam pasta.
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Food Police: The Rick Steves Episode Dastardly doings in Rome. (Single Link Vimeo Post).
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Screw those kids. I love Parmasian on EVERYTHING pasta!
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Oh god it's too easy
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The children aren't alone.
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I ordered pasta with shellfish at a high end restaurant here in Vancouver. The server offered me parmesan. I asked if it was recommended. She confessed that it is not considered appropriate, but that they get torn apart by patrons if they don't offer it up front and it isn't worth the fight. I tried one bite with the parmesan and had to agree that it would ruin the delicate taste.
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A colleague at work came down on me hard one day for using the little packet of parmesan that came with my takeout salmon pasta. I have since been religiously adding the cheese to spite him.
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The video would have been better if it was only 30 seconds - but the point is sound. I grew up with the Kraft shaker of parmesan which was offered up at restaurants when I was a kid by Italian immigrants who should have known better. Disgusting stuff.

First time I had real Spaghetti alla Vongole without the cheese, in Milan, divine.
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Rick Steves is hilariously unconvincing as a bad guy.
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There are so many amazing pastas to eat, please try to enjoy your seafood pasta WITHOUT cheese.

If you do put cheese on your pasta, please consider Pecorino Romano over Parmigiano Reggiano.
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Cheese on fish is only allowed in Sicilian cuisine, it's anathema (dogmatically so) anywhere else here in Italy.

There are certain other similarly enforced Italian no-cheese dogmata (never on Boletus; never when there's any peperoncino/chili pepper; never on beans/chickpeas/lentils); it would be interesting to know how much myth/fetish there is to all of these prescriptions (as there usually is when any opinion is so strongly adhered to).
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That was cute. The running gag about Steves' last name was a nice touch.
Also: Take the girls, leave the cannoli.
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If I can't put cheese on it, I don't fuckin' want it. Bring me something I can put cheese on.
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In his travel shows Rick demonstrates the personality of a potted plant, but check out one of his talks (long vid). He talks about the early days of his travel business, where he toured around in a van, slept in parks, and his first-aid kid was a bag of Valium. He also describes his tours of Iran and Palestine. Pretty interesting if you're into startup stories.
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First time I had real Spaghetti alla Vongole without the cheese, in Milan, divine.

I bet you gots all your real teeth too, mr pinky-in-the-air!
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Rick is also a big supporter of NORML, which might go a long way towards explaining an urge to put cheese on things.
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That was fun! And helped take my mind off all the depressing newsfilter FPPs lately.

I never knew there were so many rules about the proper use of grated cheese in Italy; I was always a member of the "aged cheese is full of umami so lets put it on everything" club. Oh well, when in Rome...
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I am an expediter/runner at an Italian restaurant in the Hudson Valley. Our chef/owner is a...character. Sometimes, when someone he thinks is an idiot orders linguine vongole he sends me over to offer a ramekin of parmesan just so he can watch them ruin his food.
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Oh, and: if you're near the Pantheon, forget Fortunato - it's Armando you want. (Sorry, Rick.)
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Next Episode - cappuccino after 11:00 AM
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This may be relevant to the whole ordeal.
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