"So a sardine is not a sardine is not a sardine!"
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The Sardine Museum with host Tony Nunziata (part two, part three, part four, part five). Bonus: Tony tells a short story.

...found via the Mouth Full of Sardines blog.

The Sardine Museum and Herring Hall of Fame is at Seal Cove on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

Sadly, Tony Nunziata and Michael Zimmer, the museum's founder, are now both gone.
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Very interesting post for a sardine aficionado. They're good for you! Plus excellent shelf life (they seem to keep forever) -- some connoisseurs say they are better aged, because the olive oil soaks in and mellows them.
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Posts like this are one of the reasons that I love Metafilter.

Come for the snappy banter and repartee, stay to hear about sardine museums!
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A brief look at what happens when someone catches me reading a blog that rates sardines with great detail and enthusiasm:

Outside: "Ha ha yeah, sardine blog, so weird..."

Inside: I would totally write this blog if I could.
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Sardines on a baguette and some apples, peaches, grapes or plums are the perfect picnic food.

The only drawback is that your hands might smell a little fishy afterwards but that's why you should try to picnic near running water.
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A taste for sardines was passed down to me by my father. The women in my life seem to be put off by them. When I eat them at home, I have to 1) only do it when my girlfriend isn't home and 2) lock up the cats in a different room.

My favourite sardines also have the best French/English translation I've seen on Canadian packaging.
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It's funny that the iconic sardine tin has the little key that you use to roll back the top of the tin. Those don't exist anymore, of course. It's all pop-tops now.

Having married into a Portuguese family, my favorite sardines are of course, Portuguese. The city of Lisbon also has an amazing Sardine festival every June, with everybody grilling them in the streets.
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Well, that was way more interesting than I expected. Thanks.
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More than I ever thought I wanted to know about sardines, but very interesting.

Having acted in a production of the comedy "Noises Off," reading about sardines takes me immediately to the world of this play, where plates of sardines feature prominently as the epitome of British-ness. They're offered as a bedtime snack, carried on and off stage at the right and wrong times, and dumped on an actress's head. This video from the Denver Center Theatre Company shows how their shop made variety of prop sardines and includes snippets from their production.
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