Cassiopaea Cult Lead By Cold War Physicist
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Cassiopaea Cult Lead By Cold War Physicist This is a Florida cult that talks to aliens on a Quija board. The aliens warn the cult members that the rest of us are possessed by Lizards from another dimension. Anyway, the cult is lead by an old Cold War era high-energy physicist from Poland. Is it me, or should I worry that this kind of a person has a web site with Armageddon in the title bar? Also, the obligatory parody site is at
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Hooray for Polish high-energy physicist goofballs! Hooray for lunatics! Oh. And about that Armageddon thing... Where were you on Sunday April 4th, 1998?
posted by shinybeast at 1:03 AM on December 11, 2001

When I finaly get around setting up my cult, it's going to have a much cooler website.
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