December 10, 2001
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If, after careful consideration, like so many others you decide that life isn't worth living anymore, please do the research first, debunk the myths, buy the book, consider more elegant methods, and don't forget to alert your VSG. Or, better yet, stop your morbid self-indulgence and go make some ice cream.
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Signal, suicidal ideation is a common and strongly diagnostic symptom of depression, which has nothing to do with self-indulgence. Depression is an illness, a catastrophic brain chemistry snafu which can be a one-off but is also commonly related to an underlying disease state.

You posted some suicide stats, which included the observation that 90% of suicides are associated with mental illness, particularly depression and substance abuse. Here are some depression stats, a quick glance at which suffices to make it clear that it is very likely that someone you know will suffer from a depressive episode, or from a depressive illness. Perhaps you yourself will one day find that you simply cannot get your shit together; that you are miserable and do not know why, that you have lost all interest in life, that you have no energy to counter insensitive comments about your "morbid self-indulgence"; and that your thoughts turn continually to a way to end your suffering.

Care to rethink the wording of your post?
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Sennoma is right. Patients suffering from depression and bipolar disorder are far more likely to take their own lives than individuals in any other psychiatric or medical risk group. Without effective treatment, bipolar disorder leads to suicide in nearly 20 percent of cases.
The mortality rate for untreated bipolar patients is higher than it is for most types of heart disease and many types of cancer.If you care for more info,
go here.People struggling with suicidal thoughts are generally struggling with enough pain and shame as it is....please be gentle with them....
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I agree with the above. Snarky memepool posts should stay on memepool.
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signal: Having been there and done (attempted) that, suicide's no joke.
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What bunnyfire and signal said. Been there, (almost) done that. Not fun and not funny.
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I've been a volunteer on a suicide hotline for the last 9 years. The problem of suicide has become so acute that the center's phone number is now listed at the front of the phone book along with the police and fire department. While the links presented by signal are interesting in a watching-train-wrecks sort of way, they perhaps should have been balanced by some references that would prove helpful to people considering suicide, to their significant others, or to those who have lost someone to suicide.

The best source I know for info on suicide, crisis centers, support groups, etc., within the US is the American Association of Suicidology.

Suicide is so common today that noone's life is untouched by it. Someone you know has had suicidal thoughts today -- maybe you've had them yourself. Anyone have any other good links for support services? The life you save may be a MeFier's.
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Let me add that if someone here is struggling with this please be screened for clinical depression and/or bipolar disorder-the criteria for these disorders is broader than it used to be -not to mention that new medications are coming out all the time-these things are medically treatable!
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