I'm not ready for this!
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The trailer for the new film, Fateful Findings (a Neil Breen film).
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Watching the trailer it FEELS like they are trying to make another "The Room" but the problem is in the 'trying' part. What made The Room greatly awful was that it was made very earnestly by the writer/actors.
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First of all, I can't believe I have two mutual friends with this guy. Secondly, you're welcome.
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Sometimes? I feel so talented and skilled. Thanks dobbs.
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Not worthy of the baggie that I would put a Shit Sandwichâ„¢ in...
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Is it a CollegeHumor?
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how'd he convince Richard Gere to star?
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Finally! An Upstream Color for MY generation!
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No more books.
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I have seen the whole thing. Imagine this trailer extended to two hours. It is excruciating yet exhilarating. There are few films that truly define "Cannot look away." but this is one. I mean, really, you have no idea. It's the most secret of film secrets.
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If you live in LA, go see it.
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Captain_Science - I assure you that there is nothing but sincerity at the core of this film. Wiseau has no idea.
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