Look at those escargots
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'Life on Moss' is a short nature film, filmed from noon till sunrise. [SLV, Via]
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That was delightful.
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Better than anything I've seen in movie theaters this year. And how amazing isn't it that this was shot with a Nikon D7000 - a freaking DSLR - with a standard lens.
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Get your ass to Moss!
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i watched the whole thing because I love me some damn moss, and mushrooms and snails just make it that much better.

That being said, this whole thing felt very forced to me. Constantly out of focus, terrible foley, fake weather, fake lighting, and I have a feeling that even the snails were placed there intentionally.
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Run time: 4:20.
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The weather might have been fake, but this snail's struggle is REAL.
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And thank you for the post title, homunculus. That was one of my favorite jokes as a kid.
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