Abbie the Cat, 1997 - 2013. He had a posse.
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Abbie the Cat [Has a Posse] passed away on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Started in 2001, the blog of Abbie the Cat was sometimes irregularly updated, but almost always written from Abbie's point of view. Readers were warned of Abbie's impending death on July 22 by Rob, Abbie's owner. (Previously.)

Martha the Pirate, Abbie's sister, preceded him in death. Abbie's post about his sister's passing in 2005 was very moving and he spoke of her often in years since.

Though Abbie's relationship with Martha was sometimes contentious, Abbie's early stories would include joining forces with her to fight victorious battles against crime, and would later speak of their shared stories.
Martha would also post to the blog.

In later years, Abbie's prowess at hunting and interest in food were typical blog subjects, but he would often pick up other hobbies as well.

Rest in peace, Abbie.
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Sad news. R.I.P. Abbie.

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Oh poor little guy. I have a 16-yr-old cat and she's just recently begun to show signs of aging. This is quite moving.

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That Martha the Pirate post...aargh. And I'm not really all that fond of cats especially my sister's grumpy cat, but now I will think of him singing the songs of the other cats and AARGH so sad.
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a rock star. but then they all are.

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They die young. They die old. I've lost them at five minutes, and I've lost them at 21 years. They go in their natural sleep at home, they go in the merciful sleep at the vet's that is for bidden to us lesser beings, they go in big, dramatic, noisy seizures, and they slip out the door one day and never come back. They die in their hiding places. They die with their heads in your hands. They go in ones, twos, threes, and mores. I've buried them in soft, rocky, and frozen ground; I've left them to be cremated with and without return of ashes (I've eventually discovered I prefer without).

It never ends.
It never gets easier.
I've never been without a cat.
And I doubt I'll ever be able to.
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(runs off to hug Old Lady Cat--who will be 15 this year, Chubby Cat, and Boy Cat.)
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I love Cat Town, and had noticed before the "Brought to you by Abbie the Cat" footer, but didn't know that referred to an actual blog.

Poor kitty.
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This is the cat of mefi's own Spatch, is it not? I'm so sorry to hear about this. Abbie sounds like he was well-loved.
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Why do I read these things at work? Tonight when I get home I will hug Charlie, my 16 year old "Old Man Cat," until he growls.
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Lost my Mark at the age of 15. His sister Rita is on the downward slide right now and over my protestations my partner adopted two 3 month kittens.

Apparently, I'm never going to be without a cat either and I think I'm mostly ok with that.
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The picture of the collar with the tags just killed me. I still have pooch's worn, frayed collar with tags in my desk from when he passed away in February. I can't bring myself to look at it yet.
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We had no idea and he wasn't sharing any of his pain with us.

This happens so often with cats. Such toughies.

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My partner's been without an own cat since Dog was diagnosed with an abdominal mass and we let him go gently several years ago. We've two others but they have their own people.

Finally and at last, just two weeks ago adopted 8 week old actual barn kittens from an actual barn. They're marmalade cream brothers, almost identical, except that their personalities are totally different.

Their names are Spike Siegel and Vash (the Stampede).

Vash seems to be taking to my partner quite nicely.
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The Martha the Pirate post is so sad. The blog is great, and I can imagine my somewhat-contentious cats having some of the same thoughts:
say perhasp one day the other cat sees a box, see
and on it is writen "TSASTY FOOD IS IN HERE NOW"
and so she ges in to eat the tasty food and not leave me aney
but there is a Surprise in the box
it is ME and I close the box
and then ersae "TASTY FOOD" and write instad "MAIL TO CANADA"
and under neath write "dont open even if there is a lot of COmpalining, because there is a ar Rare Complaining Bird inside"
Extra tummy rubs all around today.
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Abbie and my cat had the same vet, it looks like. This makes me feel like I've had a brush with celebrity.

My condolences, Spatch. Abbie was a fantastic cat. He was lucky to have you, and the world was lucky to get to know him.
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Also, Abbie's post about Martha's passing is really worth reading. I rarely cry at things I read, but I'm crying now.

i said whats wrong with you
she said abbie i am a tired pirate
i said you are not a pirate you are a cat and you are here with me and soon you will be awake and fighting me for my food once again
she said no it has been a long voyage and it's time for me to go
go where
she said you know the cats who have been before
the ones we sing songs about
who are always there even if you cant see them with your full eyes

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MetaFilteeeeeer! I am thinking of getting a cat! No sad cat stories! All cats should be happy cats!
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Aw man, that's so sad. Abbie was one of my original RSS subscriptions.

Rob should do a best-of book, there's a lot of great writing in there. Thanks Rob. Thanks Abbie.
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Sigh... I really hate these posts. It reminds me of all the ones I've lost and all I will lose.

My old man Jake died at home at 17. My old lady Grace is pushing 16. Losing weight, drinking way too much water. Her kidneys are probably giving up the ghost. The youngest in the household is pushing 9.

Still, no regrets and I can't imagine a life without a cat.

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Oh, hey, Abbie went to my vet (on preview: too. Porter Square Vetrinary has quite a practice for such an ill named location.).

I have that same rabies tag for my kitty - she doesn't wear a collar, so I use it as a keychain. That way she is always with me, my heart.
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All these beautiful tuxedo cats :,(

Wilshire and Pico and Fairfax better live forever.
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Wilshire and Pico and Fairfax better live forever.

Same goes for Mouchette and Simon.
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My tuxedo girl is 16 and feeling her age something fierce. But we still love each other deeply, and that's what it's all about.

Sad condolences on the loss of Abbie.
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I have a little less than an hour left of the work day but I can't wait to get home to hug my little furry babies.

Sorry but it's true
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I held Spike as the vet put him to sleep the Thursday before Katrina. Zak evacuated with me and dealt with the madness until we got back into our apartment on October. Now he's 12, more obese than ever (what is it about cats with abandonment issues and food?), and slowing down. He got me through breakups and a divorce and took every change as gracelessly as possible.

Dammit, I need a tissue.
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I lost Trudy, the first cat I ever had about a month ago. She was a hell of a cat, who dealt with more change than a cat should have to.

On the other hand, there are always more cats in need of homes. So while I didn't think I was ready quite yet, I decided to bring Kate home. Having adopted a five year old cat, a feral cat, and a reject on the way to the pound, I figured I had earned a kitten.
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|   ,
ll ll

I did this before, but I felt I needed to say it again.
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I've been reading Abbie the cat's updates for years, and somehow had no idea he was local and that his guy was a MeFite. Pets are wonderful but they always leave too soon. Godspeed, Abbie, and my condolences to Spatch.
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I always think of Abbie as having been a proto-LOLcat. I remember the first time I saw I Can Haz Cheezburger (or however the hell you spell it) thinking, "Pff. Abbie's already been here and done this."

Somewhere I still have an image of Abbie with a thought balloon, in which he dreams he is scaling buildings and swiping airplanes out of the sky like King Kong. It was my desktop image at work for awhile. It got a lot of laughs. And at least one "whoah, that cat is a badass."

Sorry, Spatch. Take care.
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I've left them to be cremated with and without return of ashes (I've eventually discovered I prefer without)
Oh no! My great cat Pistachio(a) died on the same day as Abbie. I'm going to pick up the ashes on Saturday.
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I should have the ashes for Trudy back now, but I have hesitated to investigate too deeply.
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Oh, Spatch, I am so sorry. I don't know how much help virtual hugs from a complete stranger are, but they're yours if you need them.
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My gosh. You guys.
I don't know what to say right now except thank you.
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Like so many here I also have a 16-year-old cat. And I used to read Abbie's blog, years ago, ad loved it. But I had forgotten, distracted by other things over the years. The moment I saw the name here it all came back. And of course, I am crying. Spatch, you gave Abbie (and Martha) a wonderful loving home, and those of us reading on the internet a great gift. I am so sorry for your loss.
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How had I never seen Abbie and the Posse? Now I have 12 years of reading to catch up on.

Three cats, 6, 5 and 2, all of them healthy and happy and apparently not even remotely original (scratched door and torn up bedroom carpet, anyone?) The dog, on the other hand, was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma a few weeks back, so this is hitting pretty close to home right now. So, so sorry, Spatch. Random stranger internet hugs to you, and thanks.
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I was happy to get home last night and hug the crap out of my kitty after this thread, but then I got home and she had thrown up on 28 quarters worth on laundry, so the feeling passed quickly.
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I read the Martha post at work. Lost my Mary-Jane only a few months back at 12. Had to go to the bathroom and bawl my eyes out.

We have new people moving into the office today and I am now a goddamn WRECK.
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Oh, literal, your Pistachio(a) looks almost exactly like my Simon. I'm so sorry you had to lose your friend.
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And Spatch: my wife and I are nearly-constantly finding reasons to tell ourselves that our older cat Mouchette is still spry and youthful (which, she actually kind of is). Even though she seems to be having these seemingly senile moments lately (sometimes finds herself on the other side of the house, whining in the dark until someone calls her or approaches her; then she seems fine) because we're so afraid of that inevitable moment.

I'm so sorry you had to lose someone like Abbie. I wish I could say something better than that, but I know how deep grief can go.
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Reading about Abbie was once a fun part of my day for years. Thank you most kindly for the memories.
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A long time from now, but maybe sooner than we think at the rate things are going, the planet Earth will be void of life. And some time after that, perhaps, aliens will visit (ala the end of Thurber's story "The Last Clock"), and will work hard to discover what man was, what was his form, how did he sound, how did he think, what was he like.

From the preponderance of evidence, they'll likely assume: not someone they'd like to meet in a South Drebnar alleyway late at night.

But along with the skeletons of man they sometimes find smaller skeletons with him. They'll wonder, what are these? Utility animals? Serving some useful purpose, such as guarding livestock or catching vermin? But they seem oddly more important than that. What could their true purpose have been?

They will wonder and wonder.
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I followed and loved Abbie from afar.

Cancer is a terrible thing (as I type this, my cat is in surgery having a leg amputated due to a sarcoma).
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I hadn't realized before this post that Abbie's human was MeFi's own Spatch. My sincerest condolences to you and yours, and many thanks to you for sharing the adventures of Abbie (and Martha) with the world.
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jscott, Sockington is doing okay, isn't he?
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So I went back to the earliest posts and started reading about Abbie and Martha's adventures from the start. Of course, it wasn't really them typing. But it's comforting to think it might have been. It's almost like having a cat of my own.
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Lots of hugs to Spatch and unliteral.
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Sockington is doing okay, isn't he?

At this point, Sockington is doing just fine. Pennycat's notably older, but these cats are seriously taken care of and given great meals (and not too much of them). All systems go for now.
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