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On the opening date of their tour Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo and his band The Illegals had a special guest guitarist shred on Pantera classic "Walk". A 13 year old battling cancer. Loudwire has more. via
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I'm sorry, I can't mosh right now because I'm crying too hard.
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Good for Anselmo and hurray for the young Mr. Arens for getting to live out not just his dream, but the dream of thousands of young metal fans. Somewhere, Dimebag is smiling and maybe crying a little, too.

What's that? No, just a little dust in my eyes. The dust got in while I was crying watching this video.
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God bless them. What a wonderful, wonderful, video.
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Man, sometimes I love YouTube comments:
Kweef Bagger 5 minutes ago
Great job dude! Remember: "New life in place of old life
Unscarred´╗┐ by trials/A new level of confidence and power"
You'll get through it buddy!
Kweef Bagger, folks, quoting Pantera lyrics in an earnest and awesome attempt to cheer on a young person fighting cancer.
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OH HELL YEAH this kid is living the dream. Man.
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oh my, I love this sort of thing. bikers and puppies, heavy metal dudes and sick kids.
the world sucks, and people are horrible except so many of them are not, which is really really wonderful :)

I think I just became a Pantera fan!
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Now that is a vulgar heartwarming display of power.
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Awww - Phil kisses him on the head.

I love the fact that the kid is in the youtube comments, and it hits me that like, back in the day you might get this on VHS or read about it in like, I dunno, what was out there Kerrang? And then, maybe maybe maybe the kid might have written in, or even the journo would have an interview, maybe... Or... But like, there, right there, no fucking mediation (well... ok, tubes and wires and video from someone), but like BAM there he is, saying his own thing right below the video, nobody pushing him, nobody asking him, he's just there...

I always have mixed feelings about Phil. He's one fucked up guy. I'm not really sure what his stance is on shit... strikes me in a lot of ways like those hardcore bands that are all about unity and fuck the haters and shit, but... like... there's not much beyond that. I've heard claims of racism, I've heard his denials which sound like typical "denials" but at the same time, I dunno.

Regardless, he rocks the mic hard and is one of the all time greats, and you can tell he's just happy for the kid and that was just fucking rad.
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Phil's mouth OFTEN gets him into hot water but I think his heart is in the right place here
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I'm crying big tears of ANGER!

Bullshit. I'm crying because this is fucking awesome.
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mad props for mentioning fucking kerang!
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It's the shame this is shot from the back, ye canna see the fretwork!

I love Phil. What an awesome guy.
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that was great
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I agree in that Dimebag was probably watching from above, kicked back, saying "Good job, kid." Brought a tear to my eye too.
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Phil is such a weird guy, but this is really awesome.
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I know next to nothing about Phil Anselmo, seems like a normal metal/hardcore singer. How is he a weird guy? What hot water has he gotten into?
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The kid's parents set up a website to raise awareness / solicit funding for research of Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and childhood cancer in general:


The anguish and frustration is palpable.

On the other hand, there's a pretty badass glamour shot of the kid with a mean looking guitar against a brick wall.
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>I know next to nothing about Phil Anselmo, seems like a normal metal/hardcore singer. How is he a weird guy? What hot water has he gotten into?

kittensofthenight, according to Wikipedia (I had to refresh myself), "Some fans blame Anselmo for Pantera's breakup, because of statements in the heavy metal press. Anselmo has accused journalists of twisting the facts, publishing what they think sells best."

Also, " "rap music advocates the killing of white people", Anselmo denied accusations of racism, and later issued an apology, stating that he was drunk and that his remarks were a mistake."

Personally, I find his lyrics on the track "Good friends and a bottle of pills" to be execrable. He states he'd be as revolted by sleeping with an amputee or a burn victim as he would be by having sex with a dead body. In a song about fucking your friend's girlfriend while hie's passed out.
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Can't help but think of this Mr Show sketch* (except this kid can actually play).

*no worries, not the Titannica sketch
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Good on them both. Very much good on them. Great post, too.
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\m/ o_O \m/

Dimebag would have been proud.
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Phil seems to have just become friendlier and more generous of spirit in the last few years. It used to be that every time you'd hear about him, it would be some kind of shit talking. Of late, I just hear him being enthusiastic about bands he likes. Maybe the time away from heroin has helped, or just growing up. Either way, good to see, and great to see that kid so happy.

Related: Kid with cancer plays Four Horsemen with Metallica.
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