These are the voyages of the starship 2511
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The Solarnauts could've been a groovy, British Star Trek but unfortunately the pilot was never broadcast. Produced by Roberta Leigh and Arthur Provis, starrring John Garfield as "Power" and Derek Fowlds as "Tempo", it's now available in all its Gery Andersonesque glory on Youtube.
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Amazingly, it has an IMDB page.

Umm... Martine Beswick.
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"And there they were - NINE computers!"

I really enjoyed this - there's this weird combination of "boring office-clerk job, just in space" and "space buddies having space adventures!" in the way Power and Tempo approach their job. I wish there were ore than just a pilot, I would watch this for the rest of the afternoon. That theme song was the grooviest thing I've heard in months, too.
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I would like to see this remade featuring the entire cast of Peep Show.They must keep the opening theme music.

The ribbon design on the lady solarnaut's helmet and her helmet's ability not to mess up her hair is a nice touch.

The use of tablets that look like ice cube trays was sort of baffling.
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i also liked the chairs completely covered in eggcrate foam
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Lovely Candia Meteor Maid
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I know one difference between this and Star Trek...

*channels MST3K, hums*

We're white, we're white, we're really really white.
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Love British TV special effects.
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i did not like the sexism but it's 1967 so . rather egregious with the no female passengers line in light of how many women (comparably) were shown being not just passengers but competent crew on star trek

i still enjoyed the tone, just wanted to note that part
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Ooh ooh—needs a mashup with Raumpatrouille Orion!
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Also, I love that the second link namechecks one of my lifetime favorites, Terrore Nello Spazio, which is so gorgeously stylishly Italian that I want to ride around inside the film on an out-of-control Vespa like Audrey Hepburn.
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Look at the bright side: if this series had been picked up, Derek Fowlds' career might have taken a completely different direction, and he might never have been cast as Bernard Woolley, and the world would be poorer for it.
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Look out! Floor triangles!
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Ha ha, Mr. Derek! Boom! Boom!
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