Sometimes it's lovely to be read a bedtime story, even as an adult.
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A wonderful, generous and free selection of authors, collections and books online at Lit2Go for awake times or drowsy ones. The Count of Monte Cristo from the Adventure collection | or perhaps a Just So Story from the Fantasy collection | Beowolf from the Here Be Dragons! collection | Aladdin from Andrew Lang's Fairy Books of Many Colors or The Heart of Happy Hollow from the African American collection. Also practical for children. Previously.

Lots of Genres.

Of course, one could also learn things too, like: Fossils rocks and time from the Geology Anthology | Common Sense by Thomas Paine | History of Modern Mathematics by David Eugene Smith | The Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln | Mathematics and lots more for people of all ages.
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Interesting. Is there any way to identify who reads which books? In my experience the quality of the reader makes a huge difference with audiobooks; if you really enjoy one book read by reader X you'll want to find out what else they've read. I wasn't able to find anything but a general collective acknowledgement of the "voice talent."
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Yes, that would be a really good addition yoink. I definitely prefer some voices as story readers over others. But that does not seem to be an option yet. It might be something to request at the site.
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That's a great format - letting users read some of the books before downloading. Though an option to download a whole book would be welcome. Thanks for posting this.
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i wish the font they'd chosen weren't so terrible.
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For those with ideas about how to improve the site (agreeing with every point), I've forwarded this post link to the only email address available on the site. Perhaps she will forward it to the tech department?
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It's nice they put together an attractive site of classics. Unfortunately, Flesch-Kincaid scores are nonsense and shouldn't really be used at all.
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oh yes, I will be downloading many, many hours of this.

I rather like the font.
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For short-form fiction bedtime stories for grown folks, I am fond of Miette.
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Omg MidSouthern Mouth, great link! Deserves a front page post. Do it!
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