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"The CW rejected the script for a TV series based on his self-referential comic Atomic County — but Joseph Gordon-Levitt snapped it up and ''will play the Seth Cohen Role'' of The Ironist in an Atomic County feature film, Schwartz says. Also on board: Channing Tatum as Kid Chino (Ryan), Jennifer Lawrence as Cosmo Girl (Marissa), and Lucy Hale as Little Miss Vixen (Summer)." - Josh Schwartz offers E.W. an update on where the characters of The OC are today.
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Related: Alan Sepinwall's (great) interviews 'The O.C., 10 years later' with creator Josh Schwartz (part 1 and 2) and writer J.J. Philbin.
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I admit it - I clicked through just to make sure Marissa was still dead.
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My favorite two new pieces information from the interviews I linked above:

On "Arrested Development," they did some jokes about how no one in Orange County calls it "The O.C."

Josh Schwartz: We debuted in the same season on FOX, and Mitch Hurwitz asked if our actors could come on his show to play themselves as the stars of "The O.C." I was worried that was one layer of meta too many, so I said no.


Okay, so to jump ahead for a minute, you kill Marissa at the end of season 3, which to a certain like-minded viewer…

Josh Schwartz: I think I did it for you. Just to get you off my back.

… for the adult audience, this is a cause for celebration. But for the teenage girls, this is the worst thing you've ever done.

Josh Schwartz: Yeah. And by the way, look at the ratings in season four.

Clearly there were more of them than there were of us.

Josh Schwartz: Yeah. And that has been a big lesson for me, that the Twitterverse is a one-to-one ratio. For every one person who tweets about that, that represents one person. That's not one person representing a thousand people.

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The slideshow seems to be malfunctioning, since I'm only getting the info on Ryan. But I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Taylor and then Alex thing. I mean, I think Alex could have been a fantastic character if they'd given Olivia Wilde half as much as they did Autumn Reeser (who has been decent enough in her post-O.C. work, just not as good as Wilde).
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I refuse to believe that Taylor is with anyone from Gossip Girl.
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Man, I would SO watch that Atomic County series with those actors. Damn. Now I want that to be true.
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I can't wait for the reboot: The B.A.
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Oh and this quote from Part 2 of the interview: "I just saw a recut of the Red Wedding from “Game of Thrones” set to “Hide and Seek.”

I MUST find this.
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Finding the Red Wedding didn't take long.
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That Red Wedding/Hide and Seek recut may have been the best thing I've seen all week, and I saw crazy koala fight earlier.
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I was worried Jimmy Cooper would be dead somehow. Glad he's ok.

Also, gay country music star is totally believable for Luke.
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The Ryan/Taylor relationship post Marissa really bothered me; not so much that Ryan and Taylor wouldn't make a decent if comically mismatched couple, or even that he's dating again so soon after Marissa died.

No it's the fact that if you follow the chain of events, Taylor was indirectly responsible for Marissa's death: When she was the school busybody/narc, her jealousy of Marissa, paired with the implied indecent relationship she had with the evil Principal Evil-Daniel-From-Ugly-Betty, is what led to Marissa getting expelled and sent to public school, where she met villainous badboy Kevin Volchok, her involvement in whom led to her death. It became sorta difficult to buy into the 'lovable, tightly-wound, control freak' persona with this looming in the background.

I kept waiting for there to be a scene of Ryan and Seth playing video games and talking, Ryan being all

Ryan: *brood* "I should have done something. I could have protected Marissa, if only she never got expelled, *brood* etc"
Seth: Come on man, you know that's not your fault, you loved her, you did more for that girl than probably anyone in the world. Besides, you didn't get her expelled, that was... oh."
Ryan: ...
Seth: "I mean, it was a lot of factors really, the public school system being what it is i mean--
*dramatic music*
Ryan: *angry brood* .........Taylor.

[Ryan goes off to enter a conflict that ends with him punching someone]
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Confession: I never liked Taylor.
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You're assuming that Season 4 after whatever the hell it is Ryan does with the cage fighting is somehow real O.C. continuity; it's not. I maintain that it's actually O.C. fan fiction, it just happens to be written by the actual creator of the show. The fact that it doesn't make precise sense is fine.

I actually love that season (mostly because Marissa isn't around to ruin Seth and Ryan time with her nonsense), but it's really out of sync with the rest of the show.
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