The PBS show "Nobel:Visions of our Century"
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The PBS show "Nobel:Visions of our Century" interviews past Nobel Prize winners on their views of social responsibility. Which got me thinking, is the Nobel Prize the top award society can give? Is it a Grammy? A Pulitzer? Or is it something completely different altogether? Granted I will never win any of them, I was wondering what the planet Earth's top honor was.
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The Nobel peace prize certainly lot a lot of prestige by being given to Yasser Arafat. And it's not given by "society" either, but rather by an institute set up by a Swedish inventor/entrepreneur.

The planet Earth's top honor? Happiness. With or without awards.
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Yes, dagny. Not to mention Henry Kissinger.
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Hmmm, that pulitzer link goes to the grammies, silly html.

I always thought the top honor was name recognition, either good or bad.
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I would think being Mayor of New York City is a top honor. And if you have at least $69 million, you can be one too.
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I think rather highly of the Medal of Honor, and the Victoria Cross.
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