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Bee and PuppyCat is an adorable two-part cartoon short created by veteran Adventure Time crew member Natasha Allegri, as part of Frederator's web-exclusive Cartoon Hangover channel.

Natasha Allegri worked as a character designer for the first two seasons of Adventure Time, and is currently a storyboard revisionist for the show. Her designs for a gender-flipped Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Ice King etc were the inspiration and source for the two (to date) Fionna & Cake alt-universe episodes in the show itself. Allegri also draws and writes the super cute Fionna & Cake comic book (previews of #1, #2), and has lots more art (AT-related and otherwise) on her Tumblr.
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I've seen part 1 of this about 5 times because of watching it with various members of my family and it has failed to make me laugh NEVER. Same for those various family members.

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Magic cosmic temp work seems to be a lot more interesting and better paid than mundane earth-bound temp work.

Also this is cute and wonderful, and I hope it turns into a recurring series like "Bravest Warriors".
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When Adventure Time first found its way to YouTube, I was awestruck and forced all of my friends to watch it. Repeatedly.

When it finally became a full show, it was everything I hoped for. Here's hoping this trend continues.
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I clicked this before I even read that it was by someone from Adventure Time, and as soon as the umbrella hit her stomach I knew it was connected to AT somehow.

Glad I was right. Loved it!
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Watched the first one when it came out. Didn't know the second one was out! Thank you!

That got stranger.
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But the end, man... right in the feels. Gonna need some crotch ice for that.
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That was delightful! Thanks for sharing it! I wonder how concerned I should be that my internal monologue is basically Bee. And that I would totally do the umbrella thing on accident too.
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Bee and Puppycat looks to be awesome. You all should also check out Bravest Warriors, done in the same AT art style but with more of a mature ridiculousness.

Frederator Studios has been doing some awesome stuff with YouTube lately. They're one of the best examples of internet video being a serious form of media.
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I am getting a very powerful Studio Ghibli vibe from this one.
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Anyone who liked this, and hasn't seen flapjack should get on that like right now. I wish it was more readily available online(and not for 1.99 an episode on youtube, sheesh) like the bravest warriors and such since it got cancelled so quickly, but yea, seek it out.
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When it said "To Be Continued", I really wish it had said "Bee"
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Thank you. Have some crotch ice.
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The kids and I have watched a fair amount of Flapjack (based on Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, being involved). I think we all spend about 40% of our time smiling or laughing and the other 60% scratching our heads.
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Flapjack - man. It's a funny kid's cartoon about alcoholism and all of the shit it brings to the life of everyone around the alcoholic. It's kind of genius.
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I love love love Natasha Allegri. This is awesome!
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I watched part 1 at least ten times. Bee is such a compelling and appealing character. Part 2 was pretty action-focused, which felt unnecessary. I hope they make this a continuing series, but keep the action bits down to less than 40%. Why can't we have a cartoon show about a hard-working woman and her slightly magical pet trying to survive in the big city without resorting to paranormal swordfighting, ya know?

Nonetheless, absolutely the best thing on YouTube right now.
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So I've watched 3 Bravest Warriors so far. I'm equally confused and hysterical.
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I love this so so so much.
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I'm equally confused and hysterical.

And wet?
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I've rewatched this about four times already, and it's still fantastic.

I also really love PuppyCat's vocaloidizations. A lot.

Thank you for posting. I really hope this turns into something bigger than a short; part one had fantastic character building that I'd like to see more of.
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Oh man, I've been waiting for this. I had a weird sense of deja vu seeing the storyboards and such for Bee & Puppycat a while back on (I think) the Frederator blog until it hit me that I used to follow Natasha Allegri on Livejournal back before she was doing this professionally. The Frederator/Adventure Time guys really do have a knack for attracting rising talent in animation (likewise with the tie-in comics), and between this and Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe getting picked up for a full series it's been a great couple of months for cartoons.
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