Cats sit on rice, where fish is supposed to be - why?
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Nekozushi is one of the strangest videos I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their sushi, or why.

About nekozushi. There's apparently also mobile apps and a Nekozushi tumblr, but those are both in Japanese.
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It was a bit like a Pierre + Giles piece, but with more cats and sushi and fewer weeping French sailors.
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It was so sad when the sushi kitty asked "mum, why am I sushi?", yet all I could think of was sushicat island, where sushicats abound, and I could sample every type of sushicat.

It breaks my heart that they are just so delicious.

For desert I'll have Giga Pudding, the sentient pudding that loves to be eaten so much it sometimes eats itself.
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Please send drugs to:

Christopher L. Jorgensen
P.O. Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

Yes, this is a cry for help.

Seriously, someone owes me for watching this.
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I'm not sure why.
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Please send drugs

I thought this video was an alternative to drugs.
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Please send drugs to:

I read that as "dogs", and it made sense.
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I like this a lot, but I still think the king of Japanese pet/food crossover series' remains Mameshiba (previously).
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Giga Pudding

I never thought I'd ever see a pudding cup (inverted) larger than Bill Cosby's head, and now I can't unsee it. Post No Bills.
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There is apparently an important distinction between Nekozushi - literally, Cat Sushi - and Sushi Cat. It seems to be in the order of operations - cat goes in sushi in the former, sushi goes in cat in the latter.
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I never thought I'd ever see a pudding cup (inverted) larger than Bill Cosby's head,

I know, it is like a bucket of flan. Like actually sold by the bucket.
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Mrs. Ghidorah introduced me to the app a couple of years ago. Even now, at random times, one of us will turn on the app and play the song right before bed. No matter what is going on, we'll stop and watch it all the way to the end.

Just last week, a show was playing the same music, and we looked up, then at each other, saying "Nekosushi!" at the same time.
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I once made a comment similar to my above on reddit and got several lectures about doxxing and how I was being down voted for my own protection. I tried pointing out it was a PO Box, but no one seemed to care.

For the record, I don't check it that often, so if you do send dogs make sure they are a hearty breed.

Once, when I was in college, I took a drug I should't have. This video made me feel like that time.
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random thought: in light of this post, and today's Bee and PuppyCat and every other cat meme that has emerged in the last 14 years, I wonder if mathowie regrets making "Cat-Scan" the first public post on the 'Filter.

not like I'm blaming him for it all, but this site was an Early Adopter and Influencer. Meow.
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This seems like bait and switch to me. Those are not really cats wedged into sushis. The cats don't look like "wedged" in any way.

I was expecting cats wedged into a sushi ... ummmm wait ... I am not sure what was I expecting. but I was disappointed on seeing the video!
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Whoops, that first link in my comment should have gone to this playlist of Mameshiba videos instead of being empty.
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This is the sort of thing that happens when you live in a global utopia like on Star Trek and all the world's problems are cured and people can start to honestly say they have actually read Finnegan's Wake and pretty soon they get to thinking: "Well, what do we do now?" and I'm sorry to report that we just aren't there yet and it is at least three hundred years too early for sushi cats.
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I do not like the idea of sushi that I am allergic to.
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It's the Japanese equivalent of being delitized.
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that literally gave me a headache
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I prefer my cats to stuffed into more pedestrian fare: Nyanko Burger.
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The app involves flipping a switch on a hamburger so that the hamburger's fillings turn into various other, non-edible objects while two nekozushi look on and open their mouths.
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I think I get it: The lyrics at the end are an allusion to reincarnation, from dust to cat sushi back to dust and again back to cat sushi, to be consumed in an endless cycle.
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Who was that masked cat, anyway?
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And here I thought it'd be little gobbets of raw cat meat on rice.

The whole cat is way too big to eat in one bite. I don't think I could even pick one up with chopsticks.
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I had expected to see photographs of huge eggs of sticky rice that people had cooked for the sole purposes of confusing and/or amusing their cats.

Seeing obvious photoshopping was such a disappointment.

I am posting this now in the hopes that some enterprising cat owner out there has a surplus of rice.
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Also I have now played Sushi Cat twice (trying to get ALL the sushi) thanks to this post. The joys of Sushi Cat 2, Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade and Sushi Cat: the Honeymoon still await me.

Why am I sushi?
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