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The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers might include a few you don't already visit.
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Plus Bookforum, London Review of Books
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While I am happy to see the sites on this list, it is a bit disappointing how assiduously it avoids "Genre." If you're going to include sites as rarefied as the Paris Review or as focused on an abstruse niche as 3:AM, you might as well add a few with higher-brow science fiction, for instance. Literature fans who want to read more about SF could do worse than Jo Walton's Hugo columns on Tor.
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And Biblioklept
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Check the link to HiLobrow, Harvey Kilobit; it shows up toward the end of the list. They've been serializing forgotten "Radium Age" sci-fi stories, including neat finds like this story from W.E.B. Du Bois and an ESP novel published by Virginia Woolf's Hogarth Press. The "What is Radium Age Science Fiction?" manifesto made a splash a couple of years ago, poking at and questioning the standard Golden Age line that the early 1900s were a dark period in sci-fi. Since then HiLobrow has put up lots of new stuff, and has been publishing ten of the books in nice paperback editions. Probably right up your alley.
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Cosign on the Radium Age series from HilLoBrow; these books are a real revelation. Jack London wrote postapocalyptic SF, who knew? Also, reading these helps you answer AskMe questions!
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Thanks, mediareport; HiLobrow looks fascinating. In some ways, retreating to what they call the "Radium Age," when the books were written by educated people taking an interest in science, gets you out of the limitations of classic science fiction (the "Golden Age") which was written by a lot of engineers and very smart 20-year-olds.

(I apologize if I've focused too much on the Genre issue in your discussion thread; I'll check out the mainstream-Lit sites they recommend too.)
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This is great! As a literature lover I'm always looking for more things to skim through absently until suddenly it's 12:30 a.m. oh God another day wasted I didn't even open Fools Crow what has happened to me
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Don't apologize, Harvey Kilobit; I came *this* close to making a HiLobrow post instead, but it had been done before. The site's a treasure, for sure.
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Not to harp on HiLobrow, but I've been enjoying the heck out of their ongoing series on zines, which I thought had its own FPP but maybe not.
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I kind of hate these lists, but I really like this list.
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Cor, The Millions has been around for a decade and I'm only just hearing of it. I really must stop thinking I've "read all of the internet" just because I've got to the end of my bookmarks bar. Twice.

Thanks for this, mediareport!
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