Long live the granny square
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Guy Whitby, an Aussie artist also known as WorkByKnight (WBK), creates mixed media pixelated art, such as portraits using keyboard keys, and portraits and famous works of art using crochet granny squares.
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Oh wow! I love granny square Nick Cave.
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How fantastic. I love the completely different looks of the keyboard keys vs the granny squares - the keys being only a handful of different shades, while each granny square is an explosion of color and somehow they blend into the right shade.
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Flashing back to the Evil Twin Collinsport Afghans that stalked the poor Collins family across time, space, and parallel universes.
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Are these found, and picked appart granny squares? or hand made by the artist?
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they are digital... which is my only complaint with them, I wish there were physical. Even so, very nice pixel source material, reminds me so much of chuck close.
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Oh, I didn't realize they were all digital. It makes sense, though. Those portraits would be huge if they were done with actual granny squares.
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