15 ways to waste your day online with Tim Holman
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tholman.com is the playground and folio of interactive developer Tim Holman, where he has posted 15 different projects, both interactive (fizzy cam [info/demo]; ZenPen; Texter; and Image Nodes) and passive (Meet the Ipsums, more than 30 text generators, from corporate to batman; the useless web; dripping paint).

He works with six simple standards for making a project, as detailed in a Digital Detritus Interview.

A bonus link from the interview: OMFGDogs!, which I don't think is his creation, but as mentioned previously, is included in his The Useless Web links.
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I am already in love with the Useless Web.
posted by Miko at 1:41 PM on August 7, 2013

wow this is random, he's the guy that replaced my friend at his old job.
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Nice tag work dude.
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More stuff in this vein:

Soulwire does awesome stuff:::

WebGL GPU Particles
Time Camera
Plasmatic Isosurface
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FizzyCam doesn't seem to work for me. I get the colorful fizzy, but no cam interaction. Oh well...
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As a publishing geek, Meet the Ipsums makes me embarrassingly gleeful at how it might potentially be applied. Next draft report to send to a client.... but which one?* It's like a box of delicious chocolates.

*zombie, obviously
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Nice tag work dude.

Thanks, I have now added tags for all the 15 applets, and the 30+ members of the Ipsum family. I was going to add all the useless websites, but I got lazy.
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