By liking each other’s pictures we were liking ourselves.
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“Top 10 Reasons Amanda Bynes Was Arrested for Throwing A Drug Bong out a Window”

I am so unbelievably tempted to Sharpie tattoo DRUG BONG on my knuckles I have to physically remove myself from the office immediately or I will have a lot of explaining to do.
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I love it. Reminds me of "Courteney Cox's Asshole" from way back, only more.

Naked Armenian men not included.
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You guys. New Girl, if you’re not watching it, is that show with Zooey Deschanel. If you’ve never watched it it’s probably because you feel like you see enough of Zooey Deschanel in gif format on Tumblr. But New Girl is really good, especially this season. If you remember what Community was like, when you first started loving Community, New Girl has been like that this season.
Spot. Fucking. On.
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I want to hate New Girl for a lot of reasons and dude is wrong about it being like Community, but damn, it is funny for real. I'd say more like early HIMYM but with blessed lack of laugh track.
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" ... Sixth grade is a complicated time.

Because mostly you wonder why the writers on Moonlighting seem so insistent that David Addison and Maddy Hayes end up together."
What a wise old soul he was. This question haunted me then and, indeed, haunts me to this day.

And his work on Hayleylovessyouu is incisive and definitive. Fanning is the new Pauline Kael of instagrammers.
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Sounds a lot like TLP, I like it, thanks.
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You can escape celebrity culture though, simply by not watching broadcast TV. Which it seems an increasing number of people are doing.
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Unfortunately, celebrity culture permeates far deeper than broadcast TV. It is harder to escape than you casually suggest.
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Pop-Culture itself is an abyss.
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#16: TvTropes
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I didn't know that I even needed to escape celebrity culture!
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octobersurprise: Can you explain to me what Hayleylovessyouu actually is? I googled the phrase and got an Instagram account with a bunch of "hey follow me plz" pictures; is there more to it than that, or is the concept just that somebody makes an account begging for followers and ends up getting them? I'm confused.
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I'm nearing celebrity culture escape velocity - I've not had a TV for over a decade, I don't listen to commercial radio, I don't read gossip blogs (or things that so resemble, I'm looking at you, Reddit, Google News, etc), I rarely watch mainstream movies, and y'know what, most of what I've gained is social isolation. Maybe I'd be better off knowing whoTF this Zooey girl is, or any of the other people my wife casually references like I should have some investment in their stories. This is not a "is this something I'd need a TV to understand" comment - just a genuine observation.
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Whats a word that means "pity/envy"?
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I've liked Kevin Fanning since Knowledge for Thirst [omg that was 10 years ago], the drink review site he did with Josh Allen AKA fireland.
Josh, have I told you what my new favorite soda is? Oh man. It's totally Smirnoff Triple Black Ice. Shit is for real.

It's starring in a movie called What If Sprite Wasn't So Boring That You Wanted To Die. All the kids are going to be drinking this stuff, is my prediction. So sweet. So zesty. So everything you never knew was lacking in a clear soda.

Seriously it's so good.

Apparently it has alcohol in it.

Best soda ever.
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Was anyone else disappointed by the new episodes of Arrested Development?
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I'm nearing celebrity culture escape velocity

This reminds me of an old co-worker of mine. He was always really quiet (he was ESL, so that might explain that). But anyway, we eventually tried to learn more about him as a person.

Do you like any sports? Nope, don't watch sports.

Well, what kind of movies do you like? Don't watch movies.

Music? He HATES music.

Needless to say, he creeped us out.
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