Nothing I do is a true or absolute reality: Herbert Baglione's urban art
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"1000 Shadows" is a series of works by the urban/street artist Herbert Baglione, which consists of spirits escaping from urban settings. His latest creations in this series are set in the empty rooms of an old abandoned psychiatric hospital in the city of Parma in Italy, which further increases the fascinating and frightening ambiance of his creations.

Past works include shadows consisting of thousands of dead leaves. You can see a broader array of his work on personal blog and in his Facebook photo stream.

You can see and hear Herbert in action in this WalrusTV interview (YouTube).

Bonus: Handmade, a 6 minute short, made in collaboration with Baglione.
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Those hospital shots are not only awesome, but also a great warning about the dangers of a Hiram McDaniels mayorship.
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The hospital shots are fantastic! My friends and I recently started and finished a Savage Worlds (GURPS - Generic Universal RolePlaying System) game and the setting was a haunted hospice in 1939. I wish we were still playing because these pictures would've been a great addition to the ambiance.
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Pretty cool a more hopeful take on shadows thanRichard_Hambleton. In Hambleton's work, the shadows were the dead. etched by nuclear blast into the walls of the city. These look like spirits being released. Nice.
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