What Freetown lacks in high street shopping, it makes up for in style.
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Freetown fashpack shows you where it's at fashionwise in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Jo Dunlop's blog was covered today in the Guardian.
Meanwhile Sierra Leonean fashion model Kadiatu Kamara has launched her own fashion brand called "Kadiatu". (via brandsierraleonetv).
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wow africa is the future
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I love this. Street blogging everywhere. Anywhere you go in this world, there are people with access to sewing machines and cool kids want to look their best.
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This blog is incredibly charming--I especially love the all-matching skirt/top/headwrap combos.
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Love it. What are they doing living in Sierra Leon? I’m always fascinated with that.
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Awesome. The Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson guy? Badass. I also like the denim suit dude.
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bongo_x you could try reading this . As to ''what are they doing living in Sierra Leone?'' I guess they are doing the same as people everywhere. Strange question.
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Yeah, I meant the Australian writing the blog, not the people of Sierra Leone. I thought that was pretty obvious.
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Jo Dunlop is researching maternal mortality rates for an international development agency.
Googling around Sierra Leone seems to have plenty of medical aid workers and the ubiquitous missionaries blogging.
However this New York Times blog was different and interesting.
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