Stupid hot - what do you do? Put on your red dress and go for a run.
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Ahh the morning breeze wafting. All are welcome. Even comic sans

The History; "In 1987, a young lady wearing a red dress emerged from an airplane that had landed in southern California to visit a friend from her high school years. Shortly thereafter, she found herself transported to Long Beach, where her friend intended to introduce her to a zany running group called the “Hash House Harriers.” One member, noting her gender and attire, urged that she “just wait in the truck” until her host returned. With that goading, she ran into history sporting her red dress and heels.

The following year (August 12, 1988), to commemorate the event, the San Diego Hash House Harriers sent “The Lady In Red” an airline ticket to attend the inaugural Red Dress Run. Hundreds of male and female hashers adorned themselves in red dresses for a spectacle widely covered by California newspapers and TV news. In addressing the crowd, The Lady In Red suggested that Hash House Harriers hold the Red Dress Run annually as an occasion be used to raise funds for local charities."
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that is not comic sans
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Above quote source. Sounds fun; I wonder if any of them link up with the Bloggess's red dress project.
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that is not comic sans.

I slinks away with a thanks for the information and the sotto voce advice.
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On the internet, everything is comic sans.
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Looks fun, so I looked around. The lady in the red dress speaks.

The "G.M." appeared, and speaking only to 3M as if I wasn't there, emphatically told him that women just didn't do such a thing (hash!). I spoke up and asked, "Why? Is there a rule against it? Will a giant bolt of lightning strike us all dead? Will the Earth cease to exist?" I told him that if he had no proof that any of this was true and if there was beer, then I was running."

Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this year.
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Comic, Sanz?
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Nearly every kennel does a Red Dress Run once a year, so if it sounds like fun and you live in a place large enough to have one (and they're all over the world), you could probably give it a try. The Red Dress Run is usually very well attended, sometimes the best attended hash of the year, and they're usually fairly accessible for weaker/non runners (if the local group leans a bit on the running side, as our main group does in Boise).
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NOLA does it better with a Red Negligee Run side event.
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Thanks for all the history and links about this unusual event. Since, as I read the list of events, it seems to be possible to have this run any month of the year, I now know for sure we are crazy down here because it is held in New Orleans in August! (Although, I suppose, it does make a certain amount of weird sense to schedule something this wild when it's too hot to think.)
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