Scoliophis Atlanticus
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From all the depositions, here is a summary of the animal’s behavior and apparent anatomy: The animal only appeared in calm weather and in flat water; its body was thick as a keg in circumference and skin dark, nearly black, and reflected sunlight very brightly when it rested on the surface. It had black eyes, too, and its head was about the size of a big dog’s or horse’s head but leathery and snake-like — ship master Eppes Ellory, standing with 20 witnesses, deposed, “I was looking at him with a spy-glass, when I saw him open his mouth and his mouth appeared like that of a serpent; the top of his head appeared flat.” Did the Gloucester fisherman see a massive tuna, or a serpent? And what are we conjuring, when we imagine the sea?
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It should be pointed out that this report is from 1817.
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It should be pointed out that this report is from 1817.

What a relief!

My understanding is that it's turtles all the way down.
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I was all like, what, didn't the dude have a camera on his cellphone?
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I was thinking oarfish too, but now the turtle theory has me all confustulated.
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Aha! I was beginning to wonder if my "Metafilter cryptozoology" RSS feed was working.
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