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Frisk Frugt is "flipping brilliant"

Frisk Frugt is a member of the yoyooyoy collective

Frisk Frugt sounds nice (90 minute sampler on Danish radio) and fun (a track from his 2010 album "Dansktoppen Møder Burkina Faso I Det Himmelblå Rum Hvor Solen Bor, Suite", rereleased in 2012)

In 2009 Frisk Frugt spent a couple months in Burkina Faso playing with street musicians and in Mali learning kora techniques from Toumani Diabete.

Frisk Frugt is Anders Lauge Meldgaard

Frisk Frugt builds his own instruments

Frisk Frugt would like to grow his own instruments ... Music from plants!

And is represented by Qu Junktions. Here is the Berlin based Danish artist / experimental musician's Bio ... "His imagination is boundless and his music follows"
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Was the first link machine translated? I'm finding it incomprehensible. Like for example this sentence:
The 3:13 opening track is a palate cleanser but as designed by clown dazzling charlatan Heston Blumenthal, given that it is full of over ripe, sense assaulting discord.
Apart from the fact that it doesn't parse as a sentence, "charlatan" is an amusingly unfortunate epithet to prefix to someone named "Heston".
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The clown-dazzling, of course, is perfectly natural. I mean, what charlatan among us doesn't dazzle clowns?
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Not to threadsit (commencing), but Heston Blumenthal is an accomplished and celebrity chef and owner of the Fat Duck (!)- so a "palate cleanser" that is too rich and full ... and the Quietus is a UK music magazine. I guess the author of the piece does not respect Blumenthal's approach to cuisine, but does enjoy the analog in sound.
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I thought they meant dazzle, like dazzle camouflage. Briefly, the idea was fascinating! What sort of angular, geometric colour scheme will help you disguise yourself... As a clown? Amongst other clowns? Is it to help disguise the clowns themselves, or to hide their tiny car in the midst of some sort of geometric collection of C-level executive parking log before they all burst out at some unsuspecting executive to honk his nose and spray him with seltzer?

Are the clowns coming out of the car also in dazzle camouflage? So many questions!
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I too was struck by the bizarre writing in the first link. Doran appears to be British, though. He just has a particularly bad case of indulgent-music-writer-itis. If you Google him, one of the first links is mocking his amazingly overwrought prose.

However, I hope Frisk Frugt doesn't get lost in talking about Doran's writing. I just listened through the two tracks linked to in the first link and am going through his Soundcloud. Truly remarkable, inspiring stuff. Meldgaard has a serious talent for juxtaposing different styles of music in inventive ways. The obvious connections are various African musics (I think Zimbabwe's guitar music is at least as much a touchstone as Malian music), late sixties jazz, and Krautrock, but he has a unique style. The tracks in the Quietus article emphasis more collage-like work, but some of the stuff on the Soundcloud is more coherently structured. "Det er det det det" is a virtuosic guitar piece that's really blowing my mind.
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Ive been googling, trying to recall the composer (Wagner? Vivaldi?) whose composition stirred the audience to near riot because they were so shocked and offended by his music. I don't exactly feel like rioting, but this music is so different from anything I've heard that my brain doesn't know what to do with it.

It's certainly VERY creative and I don't dislike it. I will need to hear more.
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Ive been googling, trying to recall the composer (Wagner? Vivaldi?) whose composition stirred the audience to near riot

This has happened a lot of times, at least allegedly:
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When people say cultural appropriation is always bad in a simple way, I will point them to this guy. Some of these tracks are really glorious.
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"Recombinant art or political practice is just reshuffling the cards that have already been dealt. One must sense and experience limits. Not just map borders. One must come to existential terms with the absolute contingency of what arrives out of nowhere, at the limit-state of being...throw the die of becoming. The one that lands in the sky and stays in the air instead of returning to the ground." - Brian Massumi
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This music is eclectic candy yum like mucho!
two thumbs up!
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If anyone else was momentarily surprised by how easy the Danish was to understand on the 90 minute sampler link, it's because it is actually Swedish radio.
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