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Such a huge Danny Boyle fan. I didn't realize that Shallow Grave was one of his. One of the greatest points of contact in his films is the music.
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Ah, terrific. It's nice to see a comparatively younger director get lauded for his musical tastes, instead of people cheering Scorsese for trotting out Gimme Shelter for the umptybillionth time.
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Trainspotting has yet to hit that 20 year mark where I start feeling really old for thinking of something as contemporary, but boy is it close.
posted by Artw at 7:32 PM on August 11, 2013

This made me realize I need to watch a couple more Danny Boyle movies...I didn't realize I hadn't seen them all.
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Every once in a great while, something will remind me of A Life Less Ordinary, and I'll stop and think: Man, what a weird fucking movie that was.
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It's pretty much in the tradition of "A Matter of Life and Death" (AKA "Stairway to Heaven"), "It's a Wonderful Life" and the like. I was disappinted with it at the time as I wanted Trainspotting again, but now I think it's got it's own charm.

My obscure Boyle movie recommendation if you haven't seen it would be Millions, which I think disappeared without trace in the US because it's ostensibly a kids movie - it also manages to be a crime caper and a whole lot of fun.
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I loved "A Life Less Ordinary". I need to see it again. No mention in the article of REM's "Leave", though. That song in that scene made me like the song more than I already did, which was a lot.
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His music may be great but Scots will raise an eyebrow at the assertions that Shallow Grave is set in London or that Trainspotting revolves around Engllish characters.
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Quoting the article:
The movie, up until this point, was a decidedly raucous account of the lives of a handful of English heroin addicts (it was based on a similarly scuzzy novel by Irvine Welsh)

If you have seen this film you surely cannot think that the characters were English. Or the writer doesn't know the difference between England and Britain/the UK. I don't want to be precious about it, but when I read an error like that in an article it's the equivalent of seeing a boom mic appear at the top of the picture in a tv show - I'm going to go watch/read something else as I have no confidence in what i'm seeing.
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rongorongo - missed your comment, sorry.
You're right though, I forced myself to carry on reading the article and it goes on to say that Shallow Grave was in fact a Londony film.

I could write a long screed about how it's obvious to anyone who has seen these two films that they are based in Scotland, but instead, I think the article writer's may be right: Lily Allen's dad was in both films, he's a Cockney - therefore both of these films must be English.
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My favourite music scene was in Trainspotters when the guy
Overdosed and was at hospital, Perfect day by Lou Reid was playing
In the background, then he had to explain to his parents what happened.
The Beach was a very fragmented film but Mobies Porcelain suited
The tropical island perfectly.
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... lager lager-lager...
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Hmm. No mention of Renton's girlfriend singing the ooh you've got green eyes New Order Line.

I am unable to accept this list.
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Dark and Long during the cold turkey scene would be another pick. And Perfect Day fir the overdose. And Lust for Life... Trainspotting is basically composed entirely of potential picks for this list.
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