X-Acto-Mundo: Winston Smith
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Smith's site + online shop - per RE/SEARCH's V. Vale, Smith and his partner were selling off artwork from his archives to make rent back in June. Throw him some business if you like what you see here.
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It's part of a series which also includes

Black Flag / Raymond Pettibon
Crass / Dave King - Gee Vaucher
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I absolutely love Winston Smith's art. I've got two of his art books... I need to see if there are any more yet.
posted by Rev. Syung Myung Me at 3:33 PM on August 13, 2013

High school, 1980, Kevin's bedroom, sitting on the floor, listening to Rotting Fruit For Fresh Vegetables. Kevin leaves the room for a few minutes. From inside the album jacket I pull out a 14-page, black and white booklet filled with Winston Smith's art. (I know it's 14 pages because it's right here on my bookshelf.) That night I realized I could also be an artist. It changed my life. It also gave me a permanent callus on my right middle finger, which seems kind of fitting.
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Green Day's album title "Insomniac" came from asking Winston Smith how he was able to make so much art in so little time.
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