C.J. Boyd's 11 mixtapes online - For Only You and Everyone
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C.J. Boyd is a wandering bassist improvisor/composer who has found time to make 11 "multimedia mixtapes" for his Obsolete Media label-mates, and you can stream or purchase (for a price of your choosing) more than 16 hours of enjoyable, experimental music, featuring a ton of artists.
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This is really, really cool stuff. Thanks for posting it!
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By the way, "experimental" isn't quite the right genre for these. I've seen some of the included artists refered to as "art pop," and there are some indie bands, plus some nice ambient works, and a
bunch of other things.
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Regarding the "multimedia" aspect of this, Boyd starts out by making mixes with MP3s on his computer, then burning them to CD, and finally dubbing a single tape from each mix. This tape is the intended end product, each made for a specific person. The CDs are available at shows, and the digital mixes are available to stream and download as a thanks to people who support the Obsolete Media Objects label.
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