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Oldtime Tales of Drugs, Sex, Liquor and Gambling [NSFW]

A mix of rather explicit music from soundcloud user *TheMusicalOdyssey. Their description of the offering:

Seems you can’t listen to music today without hearing some reference or other to sex, drugs and crime. Well, guess what kids, it ain’t nothing new! Join the Odyssey for an hour of vintage jazz, blues and folk brought to you by a motley crew of junkers, jivers, vipers, dope-fiends, hookers, boozers and crap-shooting sinners.

Some of these tracks are extremely old – in fact, the most recent track on here is 59 years old, so you’ll have to excuse the sound quality as the recordings were made from dusty old 78s...Personally, I think it adds to the charm.

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Along the same lines, one of my favorites by Lil Johnson

She had a few other good ones too.
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Lucille Bogan? Yes. One heart for you, TheMusicalOdyssey.
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In a similar vein, there's this CD compilation I found at my library; Drinkin' TNT and Smokin' Dynamite: Vintage Songs About Drugs and Booze
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Haven't verified, but these are likely from the buzzola label which released a half dozen or 2 of these types of compilations including vintage sex songs , outside the law: gangsters and the feds, and others.

Also, by a different label he got out his big 10 inch ! compilation of r/b blue and double entendres.
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Any list with Cab Calloway and Jimmie Rogers is OK by me. Makes me miss my Grandma, but you gotta do that sometimes.
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Let's keep the party going:

Stuff Smith - Here Comes The Man With The Jive

Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald - Wacky Dust

Clarence Williams - Jerry the Junker

Harlem Hamfats - Weed Smoker's Dream

Trixie Smith - Jack, I'm Mellow

Fats Waller - If You're A Viper
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Ha! I once hosted a arty where the theme was " olde timey drugs" and it was basically nothing but music like this. Good times.
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Shave 'em dry!
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take my coke ennyday
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This is tremendous, thanks. Hauling out the old J-Bass and iRig right now to play along. Wow.
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