Beach Bells
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This is a visualization of Beach Boys vocals inspired by the physics of church bells. Using a mathematical relationship between a the circumference of a circular surface and pitch, I wrote code that draws a circle for each note of the song. (Single Link Vimeo)
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Very nice!
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Really pretty. Thanks for posting.
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This is gorgeous. (My only disappointment is that it does not end with Mike Love actually being hit with a gigantic church bell.)
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Wow, that was beautiful and very well done (and of course it doesn't hurt that it's one of my favorite songs on Pet Sounds). It's the perfect choice, because of the very classical-feeling structure of the song--I have zero musical knowledge, but presumably someone on here can express it more lucidly than that.

I also feel constrained to mention that because of our fucked copyright system, this could go away at any moment. Fuck you, DMCA.
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I already love this and I haven't even watched it yet. I have always said that I got into bel canto singing because of my love for the Beach Boys (and Brian Wilson's harmonies).
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Neat! I wonder if he coded this in Processing...*checks Vimeo page*

Made with Processing

Heh, very cool. Yet another awesome reason why I need to set down and learn that language.
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