The Serengeti Lion
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National Geographic takes some amazing photos and video. (SL National Geographic, requires Flash) Takes quite awhile to load but worth it.
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If you want more of the Serengeti, in a most unexpected way, see here. Snapshot Serengeti!
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That is some impressive footage and still camera work.
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I remember way way back when I worked at Nat Geo, Nichols had walked days into the jungle to get a leopard, set up a scent-based incentive and a (at the time high tech) motion-detection trigger for a camera, waited for 4 days, and at the end of it had a nice picture of the ass and tail of a leopard leaving the frame.

This went better.
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Wow, these are amazing. Can't wait to get home and watch them on my Macmini/tv combo.
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Those are just flat out amazing. So much stuff to lose yourself in. Thank you for posting this. The "living with lions" section certainly gives you pause.
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Lions in the rain look pretty damn miserable. I assume the licking is just the best available way of actually getting a drink from the rain that is otherwise just disappearing into the soil.
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Amazing, amazing stuff. The black and white photos!
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Great post.
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That was really well done, both the material and the presentation.
Thanks, bearwife!
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Two paws up. Thanks bearwife.
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Great images, but I didn't find it a great user experience - was just discussing it with a friend and we agreed it was overwrought. Some higher profile counter-voices to the 'web multimedia' trend:

Farhad Manjoo - Slate: A Whole Lot of Bells, Way Too Many Whistles

Mark Armstrong - Longreads founder: If You Must Snowfall, Please Snowfall in Moderation
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