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Mo Farah wins 5,000m gold at World Athletics 2013: "Mo Farah's career reached incredible new heights as the Briton became only the second man in history to complete an Olympic and world 'double-double' in the distance events."
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Heh, I screwed up the tags - I didn't realise you couldn't have duplicates
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Go Mo!! So nice to see him do it. He must be one of the nicest men on the planet.
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What a great tactical race! I was glued to the screen for the entire 13 minutes. In the early part, Farah waited patiently while the three Kenyans and the two Ethiopians wore themselves out battling to control the pace. They were sometimes trying coordinated attacks like in cycling. At one point Farah was third-to-last, but when he finally made his move to the front, he got there immediately and somehow kept Koech running on the outside for a couple of of laps.

From that point on, he closed down the counterattacks so quickly that none of them lasted more than about 20 meters, and in the run-up to the final sprint he was singlehandedly controlling an eight-man battle. I thought he had blown it by going into the sprint way too early with one-and-a-half laps to go, but he obviously knew exactly what he was doing. He may be "one of the nicest men on the planet", but he's also a killer competitor.
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It amazes me how smart and strategic you have to be while completely oxygen deprived to be a world class 5k and 10k runner.

Mo is incredible.
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Mo Farah, all round nice guy and running legend. And plastic Brit*. Already being talked about as the best British runner ever and will surely be knighted very soon. Just one of those guys everyone has a good word for.

To think he has a twin, and in a parallel universe the Farah brothers dominate middle distance running.

As a matter of interest I looked up Mo's personal bests against Kenenisa Bekele's world records. Wow. If he still needs motivation there is a big old challenge right there.

*according to the ever classy Daily Mail, which wants immigrants to integrate, and still insults them when they do
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Mo Farah is a class act, a real gentleman and the joy he gets from running is obvious.
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And plastic Brit
He just needs to start playing cricket now so the Aussies have someone else to moan about in the return Ashes series (and not sure I recall the Mail making the same points about the white Saffers etc in the England side).
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