People got their money's worth that night!
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Here's the entire show (audio only) from Landover, Maryland, January 15, 1974, by Bob Dylan and The Band.
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It's remarkable how deeply The Band imprinted in my brain.
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About that tour...
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This is amazing. You're not kidding about the tour, flapjax. From that Wikipedia article, "Sold by mail-order only, promoter Bill Graham claimed there were mail-order requests for more than twelve million tickets for the approximately half-million seats available for the shows. According to Clinton Heylin, it's estimated that $92 million worth of checks and money orders were sent in by close to 4% of the American population."
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That's an awesome, awesome Facebook page. Every day it seems to come up with some real Dylan gems. I love it.

I also love Dylan with the Hawks / the Band, especially Live 1966, but also the Before the Flood era too.

I had no idea Dylan "hated every minute" of the tour, although I guess it makes sense if "Dylan and The Band were very aware of the nostalgic atmosphere surrounding the tour."

What I like about Dylan is that even now he's always trying to look forward to be different and creative. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but he's no dinosaur of rock.
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Oh, sorry, I saw the concert come up today via the Bob Dylan's Music Facebook page. It's a great page.
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Man, Levon, Rick and Bob all sound great. Too bad the last three songs aren't there.
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That was my 10th birthday. So, thanks guys for the songs - I didn't appreciate them at the time, but a few years later, I sure did. And still do.
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Casual Dylan fans thinking about making the leap to Obsessive Dylan Fans would do well to consume this 1980 Toronto show. It puts the lie to any argument that Dylan's Christian era was without merit.
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I'm with you, sutt. The Band is in my blood something fierce
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Sorry, no KokuRyu, he's not forward-looking at all these days. Everything he's made recently sounds very band-in-a-box. Which is fine, he's fucking Bob Dylan. But let's be real about the state of pop music in 2013.
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Thanks! I was one of those applying by mail, who didn't get tickets to this show (held in that loathsome arena we called the "Tube Center" which has since been torn down).
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