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These are wonderful! Thanks for posting. I am especially excited to discover Rutu Modan's notebook. More of her excellent and hilarious comics/illustrations can be found at her old NY Times blog.
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This really is a great set of articles, but it's even better when seen in print. Fans of Rutu Modan who are in London next week can see her talk at Foyles as part of the Comica festival.
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I couldn't have imagined what Chris Ware's sketchbook looked like beforehand--if I had had to imagine what his process involved, it would have consisted of something like architectural blueprints, with several layers per page--and I'm delighted by the examples here, which are needless to say superior to most cartoonists' A game. This also amused me: "All through college I took life drawing classes because, despite what the 21st century would like us to believe, drawing is not a technical skill but a means of seeing and thinking. Plus, there’s just no getting over a naked person sitting in front of you, however cool everybody tries to act about it."

Also, WRT great cartoonists' sketchbooks, I can recommend Problematic by Jim Woodring. They're selections from his Moleskine sketchbooks--he goes through about one a month--and if you think that Moleskines are kind of pretentious and that most people end up using them for their grocery lists, well, this is the powerful counter-example. Includes appearances by Woodring characters Frank and Manhog, jazz guitarist Bill Frisell (whom Woodring has worked with in the past), and the artist himself.
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Halloween Jack: Two collections of material from Ware's sketchbooks have been published, the Acme Novelty Datebook Vols. I & II. Well worth checking out, in my opinion.
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As a working cartoonist myself, this is as close as I can get to "shop talk" with those others.
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Am I missing something, or are these really not zoom-able? I like that these are online, but it was an exercise in frustration seeing all those word balloons full of blurry squiggles.

Ware sketchbooks are indeed amazing. Years ago the Hernandez Bros. also published a couple of sketchbooks that are big-time fun, well-worth seeking out. R. Crumb's sketchbooks are also fantastic. And so are Seth's! Basically, if the sketchbooks in these links intrigue you at all, there's a lot of other great cartoonist sketchbook stuff that's been published.
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