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"Exercising his split personality, Childish Gambino stars in a film written by Donald Glover, (formally known as Troy Barnes): Clapping For The Wrong Reasons. The recently debuted short is 24 minutes of exactly what you wouldn't expect from Donald Glover: it's serious, quiet and incredibly sparse. There's no Troy Barnes vibes throughout the film, there's no over the top Childish Gambino levity: it's mature and clean."
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Just to be clear, you are only referring to one person in this FPP, right: an actor and musician named Donald Glover who uses the stage name "Childish Gambino" for his music and played someone named "Troy Barnes" on a tv show.

Having never heard any of those names before, I found the phrasing quite confusing.
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Should we expect that an actor and musician is supposed to evince elements of a character he plays on a TV show when he's not on that TV show?

Hugh Laurie is doing a tour this fall and I don't expect him to spend any amount of time walking around with a cane and speaking with an American accent like Greg House.
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Having never heard any of those names before

I'm not going to snark, or pull out some Pierce-describing quote (he is an old, out-of-touch, fuddy-duddy character in a televisual sitcom played by popular 1980s actor Chevy Chase, who has become unpopular because of his outbursts against the show that has given him such acclaim and relevancy over the past few years), but there have been 15 previous posts since 2010/11 with the tag "DanHarmon" and 8 with "DonaldGlover", so I foolishly assumed people might be familiar with his work.

But, a-contexting we will go!

Donald "Not Spiderman" Glover.
Childish Gambino.

I hope this helps you, and any and all who were confused by the pull quote I utilised for my framing.
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That is weird use of "formally". An actor is not "formally" their role. Formally, he's Mr. Glover. (Or Mr. Gambino, I suppose.)
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I think it's supposed to be "formerly".
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This comment thread is a Metafilter parody, right?
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Love this film. I'd watch 2 hours of that.
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i find myself reluctant to watch this as his song freaks and geeks contains line after line of offensive and degrading remarks towards women. it's possible he's capable of more (as Mezentian suggests "mature and clean") - but should i bother giving him that attention after that type of introduction?
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I suggest nothing. Nuffink.
The inverted commas indicate my entire post is a quote (from a content farm other than HuffPo).

I enjoyed his short film, and I loved Community, and he has always seemed interesting (even Childish Gambino, and I pretty much hate all wrap out of the box) but I have to admit cristinacristinacristina made me watch that clip and that was so far from what I expected, but I thought The Blue might be interested.

I'm going to set up a stand, here, and sell flags and maps. I'ma make a killing. I mean, I am so confused by my own FPP. So many feels.
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I pretty much hate all wrap out of the box
Well, there's your problem. Wrap is pretty much never in the box.
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Well, there's your problem. Wrap is pretty much never in the box.

You've never given a young child a gift.
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I want to live in that house.
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This is fine fine work. But many questions arise: What did the mysterious woman signify? Is that really DGs house? Which character did chance play? Who was the guy playing Gams brother? Who won the Metafiler rap battle the other day? Why is Lotus in literally fucking every thing? All this and more all in today's Wrap Thread.
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This reminded me of early Richard Linklater stuff I'm not particularly fond of (Slacker specifically), soooooo... potential for a carreer of artistic and mainstream commercial genius in the future? Even though this did nothing, there were a few moments of brilliance in Derrick Comedy's "Mystery Team" (also promisin g but not great imho) and he was a writer on some of my favorite 30 Rock episodes.

Also I can't help but to think of the shott film (NOT music video) that Kanye West did with Spike Jonze that was almost immediately scrubbed from the internet after its much-hyped premier. Anybody know what happened with that?
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Off-topic but I hope Chance can get some more talented folk to come to (or stay in) Chicago but I reckon he'll be expatriating to Brooklyn with his (and Donald Glover's) friends Hannibal Buress and Flosstradamus soon enough.
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Heh -- my immediate response was that Glover had just seen Slacker for the first time. The scene with the lemons and limes, in particular, felt that way.
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Apparently it is Chris Bosh's house. He doesn't live there he rents it out.

Also, how the fuck does Chance lose to Trinidad James at connect 4
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Love this film, watching chance at a festival next Friday so looking forward to seeing his on stage persona versus this.
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huh, I didn't expect anything and got a nice little quiet film about...? Strangely, I wouldn't mind a longer version of more confused nothingness. My god, that house.
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Strikes me that Glover and Murai are trying for the opposite of a stereotypical rap video.
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