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Teslapunk is a new game for mobile where Nikola Tesla has to save the world, shoot-em-up style. The heavy vintage graphics are by Thorsten Fleisch who is no stranger to metafilter. He also did the music. It doesn't get more indie than this.

There are other games featuring Tesla as well. A Tesla pinball table and the soon to come platformer Teslagrade. Video Game Appearances of Nikola Tesla.
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Sounds like a really cool game, shame about the payment model because that'll definitely stop me from playing. It's 2013, I'm not going to pop quarters into my phone everytime I want to shoot up some bad guys.
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Is Tesla the new Steampunk, and if so, can we blame Elon Musk?
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Tesla is the old Steampunk, combined with Chuck Norris.
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(I should note that while Historical Nikola Tesla was a genius and an inspiring scientific figure, the Awesome Internet Demigod Nikola Tesla Who Invented All Of The Things is getting to be a bit insufferable.)
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It is not like Tesla wasn't

A] brilliant (PhD at 21?), if erratic and
B] didn't have anything to do with death rays.
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