"So what's up? I was just thinking of you."
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Requiem for Romance is a short animated film about a difficult phone call. It comes from artist and animator Jonathan Ng.
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This is beautiful. I love the traditional-painterly-with-a-splash-of-comic-book art style; that's not something you see often in animation. The ink and water splashes for lightning in the thunderstorm is especially lovely and creative.

I love things that are fantastic representations of something more immediate and human (Charlie Kaufman is the go-to example in film); it's a wonderful way to heighten emotion, and it works well here. It's a nice, beautiful touch that the wuxia goes away after Tsai gently criticizes Yun's love of kung fu movies.

I have to say nice things about the music (!!!!dfjkhdf Kid Koala?!) and acting, too: they're pretty much perfect. I was worried by the title that this would be a bit gloomy and self indulgent, but it's actually very sweet and touching. The gentle, understated acting does a lot to carry that.

I really enjoyed this a lot. Thanks! Jonathan Ng is definitely on my radar now.
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Reminds me a little of these animations from the Shanghai Animation Studio.
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