A Sufi walks into a radio station...
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The fully reversible Idries Shah on the wireless in 1971. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Secret of invisibility... yay!
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Idries Shah is a clever fellow with some degree of bona fides who also happens to be a huckster and a rip-off artist. But, he's more interesting than the likes of Deepak Chopra, I guess.
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I have found that there is a lot of wisdom in his books, especially the sufi tales, such as: Wisdom of the Idiots, Seeker after Truth, Tales of the Dervishes, and the Dermis Probe. Thanks for this post - can't wait to listen!
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Idries Shah blows up Chopra with this one line from Reflections: People who talk about Metaphysics wouldn't know it if they ate it in their soup. (Paraphrase)
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I used to have all his books.
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His sufi stuff was ok, but I liked Kara Kush the best.
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The secret of invisibility reminds me a bit of the taoist story (Chuang-tse, I think) about a tree that was so crooked and full of knots that nobody bothered to chop it down for wood. In that case I believe it was called "the use of uselessness".
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