Never let a good beard go to waste.
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Behold! The Amazing and Terrifying Stop Motion Animated Magic Beard. [slyt | via]
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Words fail me (and my beard.)
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When we were kids, my dad invented a game he called Beardy, wherein at random times (often during long road trips in the car) he would gleefully shout out "Beeeeaarrddyyy!", then grab one of us by the wrist and vigorously chafe the backside of his/her hand against the rough stubble on his chin.

Ever since, I have considered beards my adversaries. Even as I occasionally sport one. It is the enemy that grows on my face.
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That honestly makes me a little nauseated. Something about it is just icky.
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I like the part with the beard. And the beard with the part.
And of course the shaving cream.
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Man, I am so seeing a link in the comments -
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I was hoping beyond hope that something more substantial than vegetables would go in/come out of the beard - like a teddy bear.

When my beard was at its longest, I could hide guitar picks in it and suspend plastic ware through it and with care, a cheap metal fork. A woman in my dorm put a couple braids in it.
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Since he was willing to film some things in reverse (like the disappearing into the beard bit), I'm a bit disappointed he didn't do a "beard unwillingly and aggressively growing back as soon as it is cut" bit. That would have really amped up the creepy on this one.

Overall I really enjoyed it though!
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The technique of using stop motion with short clips and live actors is apparently called "Pixilation". You may be familiar with it from the 1957 oscar award winning short "Neighbours", or more recently one of Pes' youtube masterpieces.
I'm a hit at parties.

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The most horrifying part was when I realized he was stopping with the soul patch.
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My inner cynic was all: yeah, a little of this goes a long way.

But the the shaving cream attacked, and I joyfully all in.
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This reminded me of some of Terry Gilliam's more wacked-out Monty Python animations, like Brian Islam and Brucie or Conrad Pooh's Dancing Teeth.
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I sport a beard often because I don't have the patience to shave. There's no way I could make a video like this. Stop motion creation is for the insane.
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