Photos of people and places in bordertowns
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"Borders feel like places of movement. A transition point from one place to another. You don't think of people making a home there. But they do."-A description of Photographer Lara Shipley's project, Coming, Going and Staying
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Honest candid portraits are really hard, and these are really good. Reminds me of James Evans' work in the Trans-Pecos.
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That fourth picture of the cholla is glorious.
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I have some border stories that I would like to share here. But I am just home from a gig, and more than a little exhausted, so I'm afraid I must refrain. But borders are indeed very dynamic places, and very rarefied places, and I hope to keep crossing them, for it is almost a rebellious and creative act to do so. And I look forward to checking out Lara Shipley's take on the subject.
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These are photos of people and places in bordertowns in ONE US STATE that don't even cross into Mexico, let alone depict any "bordertowns" among the tens of thousands that could have been depicted anywhere else in the fucking world.

Nics pics but completely misleading thread title.
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