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Leading up to The Piece-Maker III, legendary producer/DJ Tony Touch released 50 video clips from his archives: performances, studio sessions and assorted behind-the-scenes footage. Too many names to list, so why not start with the first episode featuring "Busta Rhymes, Old Dirty Bastard, CL Smooth, Rampage, 8 Off, back in 1994 at the Gavin Convention in New Orleans." Further reading: Mixtape Memories with Tony Touch.
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In that Busta Rhymes & ODB freestyle, Busta Rhymes is doing what became Woo Hah! Got You All In Check and and ODB is doing Brooklyn Zoo II(Tiger Crane).
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These videos are great. Just when you think there couldn't possibly be any more in the studio people, bam! Posdnuos outta nowhere.

The beat from that video is Hot Sex on a Platter
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I admit I've only watched like 10 of these so far, there's just so much in each short clip. And then I started listening to Mixtape #51 ...
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holy crap, thanks for posting this. might have to get that album at some point.
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