Mind Your Manners
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Mind Your Manners is only the 14th music video from Pearl Jam across their 23 year career. It was directed by Danny Clinch, and includes animations from Andy Smetanka.

The rest of Pearl Jam's videos:

1991: Alive, Even Flow (alternate) [unreleased and unavailable]
1992: Even Flow, Jeremy (alternate), Jeremy, Oceans
1993: Daughter
1998: Do The Evolution
2006: World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted
2009: The Fixer, Just Breathe
2010: Amongst The Waves
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Cool. Good post.

I read this and I thought "wow, only 14? That doesn't seem like very many."

And then I thought "wow, people still make music videos?"
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Yeah, you know. For YouTube.
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It has a very Vitalogy like sound I find. Whenit started it kind of reminded me of Spin the Black Circle
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Somehow, PJ hasn't crossed my mind in a long time. This is good; thank you.
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I dunno, man, 14 videos seems like a big number to me.
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Neat. I've always liked those guys. Weird to think that they've been around for so long.
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It has a very Vitalogy like sound I find. Whenit started it kind of reminded me of Spin the Black Circle
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Mike McCready said he was feeling very Dead Kennedys vibe when he wrote this
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I took a class from Smetanka. All the black silhouettes are cut out of cardstock, and the coloured stuff is vellum. I think his stand has three layers of glass in it that he uses for background/midground/foreground, all backlit of course.
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I dig it!
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Whoa. I just realized that even though it's one of my favorite PJ songs, I had never seen the video for "Do the Evolution" before. That's going to stick with me - wow. Thanks!
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This wouldn't feel out of place as a No Code b-side but I don't know if it's got enough grit to fit on Vitalogy. I also still think Dave Abbruzzese is a better drummer than Matt Cameron, even when you take into account Cameron's excellent work with Soundgarden.
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Wait, what? No Code? That oddly mellow tone poem of an album which has only Habit and Lukin as the hard rockers? That doesn't seem likely for this particular song.

What ARE the b-sides from No Code, anyway? All Night, Don't Gimme No Lip, Black Red Yellow... Those are the only ones listed in Lost Dogs about being from that era...

I dunno, maybe you're right. I'm eager to hear the whole new project.
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Not to be confused with the other Seattle-based Mind Your Manners, Mind Your Manners with Billy Quan.
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14 seems pretty high to me actually, but it looks like most of those were made in later-era PJ history. I haven't paid too much attention to them since Yield or so, are any of their newer albums worth checking out? It seemed like they were doing something production-wise that turned me off, recording rough one-shot takes like they always did and then glossing them up afterwards. I'd love a return to the Vitalogy/NO Code sound.

oh, and Abrruzeese was definitely the best drummer. Cameron maybe is more technically skilled, but I don't find that he fits PJ at all. He was perfect for Soundgarden's sludgy time sig changes.
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are any of their newer albums worth checking out?

Binaural is Pearl Jam being about as inaccessible as possible -- any time there might be a hook, they twist a different direction. I like a lot of the material on this album, but it took a long time for me to get there.

Riot Act is brilliant. PJ being political and personal and deeply reflective. I love this album.

Pearl Jam (otherwise known as the avocado album) has some good stuff on it. I don't think it's as good a late PJ album as Riot Act, but it's quite solid and I find myself coming back to it regularly.

Backspacer is worth the price just to have Just Breathe and Amongst The Waves, two of the strongest songs they've done. Plus Unthought Known is... really fucking deep.

I'd say they are all worth checking out, in order I'd say Riot Act, Pearl Jam, Backspacer, and Binaural. Still no clue what Lightning Bolt is going to be like, but I do like the lead single.
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Love Pearl Jam. Backspacer blew me away. Have been a fan for over 12 years and love all the albums in different ways (although I can see how some of them might not be enjoyable objectively). Can't wait to hear the new album and possibly see then live in October :)
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The video for the The Fixer was shot in Seattle at the Showbox (Market) in 2009. They had an extras call ahead of time, and nobody knew what band it was going to be. Hours later, when they let everyone in to the stage area, there's Cameron Crowe directing the thing, and out pops Pearl Jam.

They played The Fixer like twenty times, each time it got better as the band got more relaxed. I can't remember if it was at the beginning or end, but they played a mini show out of appreciation for the extras. They came off as extremely nice guys.

(It was only the second time I'd seen them, the first being 1994 at the Springfield Civic Center in Massachusetts, when I get whipped in the face with Vedder's sweaty shirt. I think it was his shirt.)
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Mike McCready said he was feeling very Dead Kennedys vibe when he wrote this

That makes more sense. It reminded me a little of Bad Religion.
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Quick, before this thread closes.... yet another new Pearl Jam video: Sirens. This brings the total now to 15.
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