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It's time for MIND YOUR MANNERS with BILLY QUAN, a recurring spoof on martial arts movies from classic Seattle sketch comedy group Almost Live! Today's episode:
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That's funny they're in Seattle, since they remind me of Dick Balch commercials.
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For some reason I am completely unable to recall John Keister's name. His face is so synonymous with Almost Live! in my head it's silly, but any time I think about or see a sketch from the show I cannot for the life of me remember his name.
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Why is fast motion ALWAYS funny? Literally you could put armed robbery or a 10 car pile up in fast motion and I'd be lollin'.
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Man these are super familiar but I don't remember EVER seeing any of the shows that apparently used them!
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Awesome post! High 5!
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I'm at work so I can't watch the videos yet, but I've decided to interpret the title of this post as the opening vocal from "Immigrant Song."
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Oh my goodness, I used to love these when they popped up on Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nearly forgot about them until now!
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Bill Nye got his start there.

(And ex-mefite TKChrist used to boast about being on there, though god knows which one he was.)
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When Haywire/Almost Live was cancelled, that wallowed in lameness.
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Not to be confused with the other Seattle-based Mind Your Manners, Pearl Jam.
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Bill Nye got his start there.

(And ex-mefite TKChrist used to boast about being on there, though god knows which one he was.)
I had this unstoppable feeling of deja vu whilst watching these clips. Halfway through one it hit me: occasional episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy featured Billy Quan. Billy's voiceover actor is heavily used in the series as well.

Thanks for the nostalgia bomb!
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Do I dare google to find out whatever happened to Ross Schafer? (Spelling of last name may be off.)
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Can next week's episode be Billy Nye as Speed Walker? My dad used to tape SNL and Almost Live! every weekend but I haven't seen an episode in a decade so this is serious nostalgia. I don't know if it still airs, but it used to be possible to catch the occasional rerun at like 3AM. For a 10 year old kid I knew a hell of a lot about the differences between Kent, Ballard and Renton, and local politics in Washington state.
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A lot of the cast of Almost Live! is on The 206 now, which I managed to watch most of one episode of.

For more nostalgia in a similar vein: Bombshelter! Bombshelter! Bombshelter! or at least the ads!
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Ha! Loved these growing up. Thanks for the nostalgia infusion.
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Hi-fivin' MetaFilterites ARE COOL!

I will always love this show for first introducing me to the concept of a "latte" (hey, I grew up in the Midwest, my state didn't get an actual Starbucks until ten years later) and the sketch "Ineffectual Middle-Management Suckups," which I think of often in meetings.
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Almost Live still re-runs around 1:30 or 2am in Seattle, but is difficult to record because it just starts whenever Saturday Night Live ends, not the same time each week. Also, I know it's not airing anymore, but it's still weird that it's after SNL now, not before. My favorite is still The School of Ballard Drivers. (I even got to live in Ballard for a few years.)
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Pure awesome. Thanks for the post!
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Holy crap. I remember watching those when I was a teenager. Good times!

(the "flying legs" attack at the end of every skit always cracked me up)
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TKChrist was affiliated with the pre-Kiester era, and I think possibly as an offscreen contributor rather than a performer.
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Back when Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey lived in Seattle, we once got to see Almost Live actually live. Despite never having lived there myself, I still remember the sketch about the Kingdome and still crack up over the phrase "And the rain came through the roof of the building of stone… and it sucked."
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