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"Life is so difficult," reads one reply. "It breaks us down, challenges us, pushes us to the very depths of desperation and darkness. These are the times when we need each other the most." Via.

Followup articles:

* "Rocky Huff is scheduled to continue serving his 90-day intermittent jail sentence for robbery this weekend, but he will no longer have to worry about a possible Crown appeal to have it lengthened."
* Emotional reunion between remorseful robber and the bank teller he held up completes redemption
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Depression is horrible and terrifying for those of us who have family members afflicted by it. I wish him and his family all the best. I'm also glad that there was enough sense in the justice system to not condemn him and write him off for life. A system that is purely punitive in nature wouldn't have given him opportunity to make restitution.
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With the psychiatric evaluation and the victim impact statement plus the remorse, it's hard to believe the Crown is asking for a sentence at all.
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Great story. A brilliant example of compassionate, fair justice.
I don't mean to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, but if this happened in the US, special circumstances or not - it is likely he would not have got off so lightly.
Or am I reading too many sensationalist news stories about the US legal system?
Genuinely, I wonder what would have happened if this guy lived in say Texas, US rather than Alberta, Canada.
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I was U.S. perspectiving this story all over the place when reading it last night, but I decided it had too much meat on its own bone to gnaw on before I wanted to put it in that particular soup.
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The story moved me tremendously....and also introduced me to the sport of ringette. Canada never seemed so foreign when I had to google "ringette sport."
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