The Prodigal Jon
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I've got a lovely bunch of super cuts! (Deedle de dee!)

To prepare for Jon Stewart's return to the Daily Show on September 3rd, the staff have seen fit to take a bit of a vacation and prepare some comic collections of his best (?) moments. And there's a even a hashtag!
Here, have a bonus!
And there are so many more, of all shapes and sizes!
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For Canadians
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Wait, no. That's not right. There doesn't seem to be a lineup. Hm. Well here are some:

How Jon Stewart spent summer vacation
Meet Jon Stewart at camera three
Noises Jon Stewart has been known to make
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I hate to say this but I am kind of dreading Jon's return to the desk. John Oliver exceeded my expectations and just made the show fresher than it has been in at least a couple years.

I hope he gets a better gig after this.
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I thought it was sort of a badly-kept secret/strong suspicion that John Oliver was being trialed as the next full-time host, once Jon retires. And given the increasing amounts of time off Jon has been taking, I suspect that's no more than a year or so off. I'm going to guess you won't be disappointed in your desire to see more John Oliver.
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I've really been enjoying the John Oliver shows when I tune in. He seems to rely more on good material (and his own non-US background) and less on making funny faces though he does do the occasional desk dance. I'll be curious to see if John gets revitalized by having been away or if he realizes there's more to life than the Daily Show and we get to see even more of John Oliver which would not be a bad thing. Thanks for the supercuts, I hadn't seen them.
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Jon Stewart f*cks himself with his own mouth

Is this what the kids these days are calling "selfies"?
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