"I was born of course, in Scotland."
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I only managed the first 15 minutes or so, but those shots of Glasgow are pretty damn stark. Bruce, of course, is a personal hero as a musician & songwriter, (i think Sunshine of Your Love was the second lick I learned after Smoke on the Water & the live sides of Wheels of Fire still inform the music I play today) but I didn't know this film existed & I'm looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks!
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"Theme for an Imaginary Western" is a beautiful tune. I love every note this guy has written. Saw him at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, where he capped a medley of Cream tunes with a couple of Lifetime/John McLaughlin songs. Pure awesome.
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Big Bruce fan, great find. I saw Jack and Ginger play a really small dive bar in Charlotte NC, '89. Two songs from that tour: Toad & Spoonful. The kid playing the plaid guitar almost stole the show.
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In a perfect world, "Harmony Row" (Bruce's second solo outing), would have sold about 5 million copies.
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Harmony Row was his third solo album, if you count the jazz instrumental Things We Like (with John McLaughlin), but in any case you're right; it's been one of my favorites since it first appeared. Some beautiful stuff on there.

Two songs from that tour: Toad & Spoonful.

Obviously they did those at the Cream concerts I saw in Philadelphia and Baltimore, the last weekend they played in America, but afterwards the riff that stuck in my head was the bass line from Bruce’s song Politician – exactly like Bruce sings it to Rory Gallagher at the beginning of this video.
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